Robert Traill on the Lord’s Supper and the antichristian synagogue

Reformed Covenanter

Puritanboard Commissioner
... But many that are not infected with this strong delusion, understand no more by Christ’s words in this sacred ordinance, than that the bread and wine, so used as Christ appointed, do signify the sufferings unto death of our Lord Jesus Christ, cruelly handled by wicked men, and severely dealt with by the justice of God; but the cause and end of his death, they mind not. This Christ puts us in mind of, in these words: “For you, and for your sins, and for the remission of them; you, and your sins, are the cause of my death: and my death is the cause of your forgiveness.” Christians, if you keep out that word, for you; if your faith do not echo to Christ’s for you, with your for me, I assure you, that the bread and wine on the Lord’s table, and the same food on your own table, will be of equal signification, as to soul-nourishment; and that is, none at all. ...

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Puritan Board Doctor
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