Trusting in Christ for deliverance from all sin (John Colquhoun)

Reformed Covenanter

Puritanboard Commissioner
It is a trusting in Jesus, not for a part of his salvation, or for deliverance only from wrath; which is all, that the formalist or hypocrite cares to trust for, being by no means desirous of deliverance from some darling lust; but, is a trusting in him for the whole of his salvation, namely, for salvation from wrath, and salvation from sin likewise. Indeed, the heart of the true believer, is chiefly set upon deliverance from sin, from all sin, and from all sin as soon as possible; which, in his view, is the principal part of salvation.

John Colquhoun, A Treatise of the Covenant of Grace (Edinburgh: Ogle, Allardice and Thomson, 1818), p. 437.
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