Vincent Alsop on the eyes of providence

Reformed Covenanter

Cancelled Commissioner
... These eyes of Providence run to and fro: for Providence is most nimble and active, runs swiftly hither and thither, as the exigencies of his Church and People invite, and call for them. And this is the sole privilege of Omnipresence, that it runs to all places without being in, or removing from any place; wherever God sees, there he is, his presence is equal to his Omniscience. 3. These eyes of Providence have the whole earth for their Province; not a Saint in the remotest parts of God’s earth, that is out of the reach of his care; nor a sinner in any place above the reach of his power.

Nothing is below his cognizance, nothing above his control. Prov. 15.3. The eyes of the Lord are in every place, beholding both the evil and the good. Persons and things, whether good or evil are all within the circle of Providence, even those which are neither Subjects nor Ministers of his Grace, shall be brought under the kingdom of his power. 4. That Providence has not only an eye to see, but a hand, an arm, to execute his purposes, whither in promises or threatenings: he is strong, and shews himself strong; makes it appear that when he will save; none shall be able to destroy; when he will destroy none shall be able to save. ...

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