Vos Biblical Theology Study Guide


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Hello. This is my first post ever.

I started to read Geerhardus Vos' "Biblical Theology" but find it very difficult to read. English is my third language and his english is to advanced for me.

I still want to read it but need a little help I guess. So here's my question:

Are there any study guides or reading plans etc?

I know about the Vos Group on reformed forum. I prefer books though.

Thank you!
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Don't be discouraged. His English is hard for me too. It's partly because English is Vos' second language and Biblical Theology was published from his lecture notes. So it's a bit choppy like someone reading off notes.

I don't think a study guide exists. Your best bet would be to study it with someone familiar with the book. You have to be familiar with the criticism theories that he is addressing in the book.