What celeb do you look like?

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I can't figure out how to post the pictures, but here is who I 'matched:

Garth Brooks 95% (I get mistaken for him two or three times each month. This year at the fair I even had a girl ask for my autograph.)

Next was Nicholas Cage at 57%
Next was Charles Manson at 52%

After that spooky experience: Clint Eastwood 49%
Then Clark Gable 48%

All but Manson I can see how they would get a match. Oh, I don't wan't to think about it.


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The stupid site.... besides "Bob Hope", it kept giving me a bunch of GIRLS that I look like!!!

Am I THAT effeminate??? (Don't answer that)

But in "real life", people always tell me I look like Keifer Sutherland.


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So I entered a picture of Mr. Sutherland into the database and got these results:





Maybe you DO look like a girl????



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I only got one match, but I'll take it. Rudolph Valentino (May 6, 1895 "“ August 23, 1926) was an Italian actor. Nicknamed "The Great Lover", he was the first true movie sex symbol of the silent era.



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I dont know how to put the photo's up but I got:

Jim Morrison at 70% w/ me having a stocking cap on
Kurt Cobain at 64% w/ me standing against a wall
Cliff Burton at 52% w/ me actually smiling

Average Joey

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MICHAEL MOORE???????????

That`s it!Time to switch to contact lenses again!

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I tried again with a older picture. Wish I hadn't.

It's one of the ugly people. Inside and outside.

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Dunno how to load it, but at 71% it was Preity Zinta...? Have to google. Another 71% was Hilary Swank?! 70% Priyanka Chopra?... Another google victim... 70% Nicole Kidman?? NO way!... Not listing that one 0.0... Um yeah I'll stop there :lol:
Oh, and I used this photo: http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a317/Susie-Q/000_0013.jpg

No matches for two photos, ha! I'm unique :D

For this older photo - http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a317/Susie-Q/girl.png - 66% Charlize Theron... 65% Courtney Cox, Katherine Hepburn!!!!!! 62% Shania Twain!!! Kate Winslett! And Hilary Swank again at 58%... Penelope Cruz at 57%... Cameron Diaz at 57%.


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Those are pretty good matches, my wife got Hillary Swank on her list a few times as well. Her most flattering match was Jennifer Aniston (around 60%)


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My mom got Barbara Streisand!!!!!!!!!!!

She looks nothing like her, she looks more like Meryl Streep. Too funny.


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Most definitely; I put it up on another board and everyone is getting a kick out of it as well.

Hey I got Halle Berry for one! :banana:


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I used a different picture and ended up with Halle Berry as well...I always knew I had a bit of soul...
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