What is the best way to record congregational singing?

Richard Cronin

Puritan Board Freshman
This was a thread that was started in 2010. But i recon things have changed since then.

Basically im looking for advice on getting my own congregation recorded. We sing from a Hymnal and Psalter (Irish presbyterian ) .

I have editing software but its the mikes and other hardware i need advice on. Our meeting house is one room , about 18 metres long 7 wide maybe 10 high.

Thanks in advance.


Puritan Board Freshman
Best? I'm not sure. I'm no expert, but I would recommend trying to enable as much noise cancellation and echo reduction as possible. Some of this can be done via software as the hardware records. There is also hardware (such as sound dampening panels) that may help reduce echo. You could also record from different areas of the building or specifically setup microphones near some individuals or groups of individuals and try to mix the recording appropriately after the fact. There are also items like this artificial plush which are inexpensive and may help eliminate unwanted background noise. Lastly, you might consider investigating unidirectional vs. omnidirectional microphones. I would say whatever you are least happy with in the current recordings should be used to direct your search when considering possible hardware or software based solutions.

God bless.