1. Travis Fentiman

    Online Works Against the Roman Apologist Bellarmine

    The Jesuit Robert Bellarmine (d. 1621) was the most important apologist in all of Church history for the Romanist Church. Responses to his works numbered into the several hundreds. As Bellarmine's volumes of disputations covered most doctrines of the Christian faith in an orderly way, so full...
  2. R

    Who or What is the Pope?

    I am Reformed in my Christian theology generally but have concerns about Reformed eschatology in particular. Although I have considered myself an amillennial Protestant continuist historicist, I am wondering whether the Bishop of Rome/papal system is the Antichrist, the False Prophet, Mystery...
  3. A

    Churches Among the Papists

    I am a bit confused. Is Calvin saying that there are true churches among the Papists or not? Maybe I am missing distinctions he is making? "12. Therefore, while we are unwilling simply to concede the name of Church to the Papists, we do not deny that there are churches among them. The...
  4. JM

    Papal Antichrist

    A short article about papal antichrist using the Protestant form of eschatology (aka Historicsm). Gleanings | Reformed Christian Magazine – The Papal Antichrist: A Call to Recognition and Opposition I My thesis is simple. The universal judgment of discerning church leaders, yesterday and...