1. Logan

    RPCNA Revision of 1650 Scottish Psalter

    I was working a little bit on my long-term project of the history of the RPCNA psalter and found something I thought was fascinating. In 1882 the RPCNA synod appointed a committee to revise the 1650 Psalter with some verbal corrections and suitable music. This was completed in 1899. The goal...
  2. Jonathan95

    Have Christians committed atrocities throughout the world?

    Came across an article this morning: https://disrn.com/news/nigerian-christian-executed-by-islamic-state-child-soldier A brother in Christ was executed by Islamic extremists. Before being executed the murderer said something that stuck out to me. From the article: "This is one of the...
  3. K

    Progress/Change of God’s authority over His kingdom

    If anybody is interested I am working on a timeline type of overview of God's kingdom and how He exercised His authority over it. I would love any comments you might have. Before Israel. At Babel God divided the nations and placed them under the wicked sons of God. These are spiritual rulers...
  4. Von

    The Decline of Civilization

    Your opinions on the following quote would be appreciated: "...The fundamental ideas undergirding a doctrine of historical progress are these: (1) a sovereign predestinating agent who (or impersonal force that) guarantees the linearity of history (anticyclicalism); (2) cultural and social...
  5. Travis Fentiman

    Scottish Church History: Resources Available

    Friends, For beginners and scholars alike, here is a massive collection of resources on Scottish Church history, organized by the time period. Apart from researching a dissertation, it will probably have everything you need to answer just about every question you may have about Scottish...
  6. Travis Fentiman

    Resources Available: Church History, Early Church

    Friends, If it may be of use to you, I have collected the harvest from the public domain on Church histories and on the Early Church, with links at your finger-tips: Church History: ReformedBooksOnline Early Church History: ReformedBooksOnline There is a lot of amazing material here; I hope...
  7. Bald_Brother

    Eschatology in the Bible Presbyterian Church

    Eschatology in the Bible Presbyterian Church, by Dr. John Battle The linked document is a history of the development of Eschatology in the Bible Presbyterian Church - not an argument for a particular position. When I first began attending a Bible Presbyterian Church some four plus years ago I...
  8. T

    Romans 13 and US History

    As an outsider I don't really know much on the issue, but did the founding fathers of the US violate Romans 13 by rebelling against the Crown?
  9. Logan

    RPCNA Psalter History

    I've been curious as to the history of the RPCNA psalters. My current understanding is that there was originally a minor revision to the SMV along with some additional versions that were published in a split-leaf in 1889, this was revised more thoroughly in 1911, and then minor changes to music...
  10. michaelspotts

    Europe from its Origins - Podcast Recommendation

    I just finished Europe from its Origins, a 25-hour video podcast (iTunes, free) that culminates in the terrible siege of Constantinople by the Turks. I am stunned. Anyone who thinks history is dry stuff is either ignorant or heartless. History is the study of another's present, full of events as...
  11. thbslawson

    Who's Reformed??

    This may seem like a dumb question, but what exactly does the term "reformed" mean? It seems the exact use of and application of the word in regards to an individual, church or denomination has become rather subjective and gets thrown around a lot. For instance, I hear it said from time to...
  12. RevZach

    What Items should be part of a Particular Baptist Theological "Sourcebook"

    I'm in the process of putting together a sourcebook (online and hard copies for my flock) of the most important theological documents in the early Particular Baptist movement. And, why don't we say all the way up through Spurgeon. I don't mean the kind of Baptist Heritage Sourcebook that...
  13. Jash Comstock

    When were Vestments introduced into the Church?

    Did the Early Church use vestments? When were they introduced? What kinds of vestments were introduced? I would appreciate any help with these questions.
  14. jd.morrison

    How did the fundy move. of the 20's get hijacked by the Dispensationalist/Charasmatic

    How did the fundamentalist movement of the 20's get hijacked by the Dispensationalist / Charasmatics? From my understanding it we a joint movement against the Higher Critics by the evangelicals who asserted the original five fundamentals. Any recommended books?