1. RobertPGH1981

    PCA vs RP vs OPC Differences

    Hello All, This has probably been asked before but I wasn't able to find details through searches. Can somebody provide a brief overview of the differences between PCA, RP and OPC presbyterian churches?
  2. J.L. Allen

    Decatur, Alabama. Decatur PCA

    Is anyone familiar with Decatur Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Decatur, Alabama? My sister has grown to love the worship typical in the OPC. Will this PCA be similar in the sense of having a traditional worship, or will it be more "contemporary?"
  3. Knecht Christi

    Questions About the RPCNA

    Hello everyone, I am considering joining an RPCNA church plant (currently a member in the OPC), and have some questions regarding the state of the denomination. I have got the impression that, outside of exclusive psalmnody and non-instrumentation, the RPCNA seems to be less conservative than...
  4. J.L. Allen

    Birmingham Theological Seminary

    I’ve been down in Alabama visiting family. I was hearing some stuff about Birmingham Theological Seminary. It was a good report. I was curious if anyone has any experience with them. Any OPC folks get ordained after attending there? What is their reputation compared to other places?
  5. J.L. Allen

    It’s Official!

    My wife and I are going to be seeking full membership at Westminster OPC near by. After reading John Murray’s “Christian Baptism” she’s fully adopted covenant theology. This has been a year long journey for both of us, but we’ve arrived. Here’s a prayer request: Please pray for us as we tell...
  6. Andrew35


    Hi, I'll possibly be moving to Singapore next year and was looking up Presbyterian churches there. There are... a lot. And being relatively new to Presbyterianism, I wasn't sure how to tease out which is which. I see a goodly number are Exclusive Psalmody, which we are not (our family loves...
  7. Parepidemos

    RTS MABS Distance (OPC member coming under care)

    Hey friends, I am a member of an OPC on the west coast and have been working through an internal call to ministry for some time. I am married with kids and I am not in a position to you at this time. Question for you all: Any recent insight on the RTS Masters of Arts in Biblical Studies (MABS)...
  8. ChananBachiyr

    Comparing Two Branches

    Good evening all! I realize there is another post in the Church History section pointing out some difference between OPC, PCA and EPC churches; that thread is here. However, I was hoping you guys would help me to understand the main differences, whether in personal experience or document...
  9. ChananBachiyr

    Grace and peace to you!

    Hello! I've been reading various articles and discussions on PuritanBoard for a long time now, so today, I figured I'd join! I suppose a brief testimony is in order. The of June 25th, 2012, I was alone in my home and had an urge to read my Bible I hadn't picked up in at least 3 years...
  10. P

    Church in the Virginia Beach Area

    Brothers and Sisters, I am writing to let everyone know that there is a new church in the Virginia Beach, VA area. It is called Reformation Orthodox Presbyterian Church, and here is the website: Reformation OPC - A Reformed Church in Virginia Beach, VA We are a church plant of OPC. A...
  11. K

    I'm New to Presbyterianism

    Hello Puritan Board Folks, I'm a former 1689 Baptist who has recently converted to Presbyterianism. In light of this, I am trying to "catch up" on some things. Specifically, can somebody help me understand the differences between the OPC and the PCA? Also, I am searching for a seminary to...
  12. jandrusk

    Looking for a Reformed Church in Cleveland, Ohio?

    If you or someone you know are in the Cleveland, Ohio area and are looking for a solidly reformed church, please come visit us at Lake OPC. You can find more information at the link below. Feel free to contact me directly with any questions. Lake Orthodox Presbyterian Church
  13. Jash Comstock

    What are the main differences between the OPC, PCA, and EPC.

    I am wondering what are the main differences between the three main orthodox presbyterian denominations. Could someone please elaborate on these differences?
  14. A

    New OPC church work near Chattanooga, TN (Dayton)

    I wanted to get this on the radar of everyone out here in PB land. This work/effort is the product of years of prayer and hunger for a Reformed witness in our area southeast Tennessee. We are most directly a plant off of the Maryville (Knoxville) and the Chattanooga OPC congregations. We are...
  15. P

    OPC Church Planter in Downtown Chicago

    Hello everyone, Just wanted to introduce myself and say Hi. I am a church planter of an OPC mission work in downtown Chicago. If anyone visits Chicago, come on by. If you know anyone who is looking for a reformed church in downtown Chicago, pass on my information. Blessings,