1. S

    Psalter Recommendations (1650)

    Where would you recommend I go to buy a psalter? My main preferrances and criteria are: - Uses the 1650 translation - Looks beutifull - Hardcover - Likely to survive long-term use - Sold online, ships internationally - Relatively cheap for my other requirements - Sold by a relatively well...
  2. Logan

    Psalter Design Principles

    I've cared about psalters for quite some time and some of you may remember that I reviewed quite a few of them a number of years ago. I see strengths and weaknesses with each of the psalters available (yes, with the 1650 as well as the RPCNA psalter!) and have thought for a while on what I would...
  3. Logan

    RPCNA Revision of 1650 Scottish Psalter

    I was working a little bit on my long-term project of the history of the RPCNA psalter and found something I thought was fascinating. In 1882 the RPCNA synod appointed a committee to revise the 1650 Psalter with some verbal corrections and suitable music. This was completed in 1899. The goal...
  4. M

    T. David Gordon's arguments against Exclusive Psalmody

    Dear brothers, I created this thread so those of you who believe in Exclusive Psalmody may cooperate in writing a refutation to T. David Gordon's objections to Exclusive Psalmody in his article entitled "Some Thoughts on Exclusive Psalmody"...
  5. Travis Fentiman

    Psalters Online

    Are you able to sing with David that God's “statutes have been my songs in the house of my pilgrimage”? – Ps. 119:54 In order that you may find as rich treasure and grace in singing the Lord’s psalms as David did, we have collected as many psalters online as we could. Previously we had around...
  6. Rom

    iOS and Android 1650 Split Leaf - General Availability.

    Just in time for the Lord's Day! I am pleased to announce the general availability of the 1650 Psalter for iOS. It is a little behind Android right now as Apple takes longer to approve updates - days instead of hours. But if you snag it now you will probably get an update to the app around...
  7. Rom

    [iOS Beta] 1650 Split Leaf Psalter.

    First of all, the response to the Android Beta has been overwhelming! I've gotten many heartfelt messages from people who have had their spiritual lives enhanced by the Android version. Praise God for that. If you already have the Android Beta - get the update on Google Play. There have been...
  8. Rom

    [Android Beta] 1650 Split Leaf Psalter with Tunes.

    Dear Saints of the Puritan Board, There has been a need for a 1650 Digital Split Leaf Psalter for some time now. The project is in Open Beta for Android at the moment. iOS Beta will occur sometime in early February. If you are interested in opting in - see the link below...
  9. jandrusk

    New Scottish Psalter App on Android

    Just came across this on the Exclusive Psalmody group on Facebook. It's a new Psalter app for Android. Looks pretty nice. Just downloaded it and will be giving it a try.
  10. nick


    My family and I used to sing the "Doxology" (Praise God from whom all blessings flow...) after praying for a meal and before eating. I'd like to find something similar from the Psalter. Anyone sing a little diddy with their family regularly?
  11. Logan

    Book of Psalms for Singing: A Review

    This psalter still has and will always have a solid place in my heart: I was first introduced to the singing of psalms using this psalter and many of the words will remain indelibly engraved in my mind. This psalter is available for purchase from Crown and Covenant Publications. Background...
  12. Logan

    The Scottish Psalmody: A Review

    Like The Comprehensive Psalter the text of this psalter is from the 1650 Scots Metrical Version (SMV) so I will not review the text itself. It is available for purchase primariily from the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing). Background Aside from the history of the SMV, I do not know much...
  13. Logan

    RPCNA Psalter History

    I've been curious as to the history of the RPCNA psalters. My current understanding is that there was originally a minor revision to the SMV along with some additional versions that were published in a split-leaf in 1889, this was revised more thoroughly in 1911, and then minor changes to music...
  14. Logan

    Complete Book of Psalms for Singing: A Review

    Titled, The Complete Book of Psalms for Singing with Study Notes, this psalter is put out by the Presbyterian Church of Eastern Australia and was largely under the direction of Rowland Ward. Two distinct thoughts came to my mind as I looked through this psalter: first that it is apparent it is a...
  15. Logan

    Book of Psalms for Worship: A Review

    I remember the my excitement and anticipation (for several years) surrounding the new Psalter for my denomination (RPCNA). I knew the committee had been working on it for years and when it was finally printed and I got to see the preview copies given at synod I was very impressed. Now the dust...
  16. Logan

    The Comprehensive Psalter: A Review

    The text of this psalter is of course from the 1650 Scots Metrical Version (SMV) so I won't review the text itself but save that for another time (D.V.). I do not know if it is available for purchase any longer as the catalog appears to be no more. Background I'm sure that Chris...
  17. Logan

    "The Psalter" of 1912: A Review

    This psalter is still widely used, primarily in CRC and PRC circles as closely as I can gather. It has the prestige of being a joint effort of 9 denominations, according to its introductory note. In many respects it was an improvement over the lack of fluidity, but from my standpoint its...
  18. Logan

    Sing Psalms: A Review

    This will be more of first impressions than a review and I will try to add more information later as I look deeper into the translation. The entirety of the text is available in PDF or Word format from here. And I really appreciate them making it available for people to use freely. It is...
  19. sastark

    The ARP Psalter with Bible Songs: An Initial Review

    I have posted an initial review of the new The ARP Psalter with Bible Songs at The Ruling Elder. Overall, I think this is a good work and pray that it will be used to reinvigorate the singing of Psalms in the ARP and beyond. Read the review, here: The Ruling Elder: The ARP Psalter with Bible...