A New Book on Augustine


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I just bought The Cambridge Companion to Augustine's "Confessions," edited by Tarmo Toom; Cambridge Companion to Religion series (New York: Cambridge University Press, 2020), xiv + 340 pages. The sections:

Circumstances of composition - 3 chapters

Main theme and topics - 11 chapters

Reception and reading strategies - 5 chapters

Looks interesting. Will dig in soon.
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Puritan Board Doctor
Here are three other works on Augustine that I've recently acquired:

The Conversion of Augustine by Romano Guardini; translated from the German by Elinor Briefs; reprint (Providence, RI: Cluny, 2020). Originally published in 1960.

Augustine's Quest of Wisdom: The Life and Philosophy of the Bishop of Hippo by Vernon J. Bourke; reprint (Providence, RI: Cluny, 2019). Originally published in 1945.

The Christian Philosophy of Saint Augustine by Etienne Gilson; translated from the French by L. E. M. Lynch (Providence, RI: Cluny, 2020). Originally published in 1960.

Cluny Media (www.clunymedia.com) is a Roman Catholic reprint house in Providence, Rhode Island, that re-publishes some pretty serious stuff. If you can "eat around" the Catholicism, they put out books that have been out of print for many years, sometimes on subjects Protestants are not ordinarily interested in (such as Thomas Aquinas).

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I see that they sell some books by the previous Pope, Joseph Ratzinger. Some of the books on Augustine and Thomas Aquinas look interesting, though I would look for free or cheap versions online before I gave them any money.