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  • New International Version

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HCSB. I like understanding my Bible and I prefer the Critical text. I use the ESV as my secondary text, NASB as a third.

Even though my church is Canadian Southern Baptist, we still use the NIV as the HCSB was never really promoted up here that much.

I grew up on the NIV. Then I went through a crisis during my years in college over which translation to read, and I have finally settled on the HCSB. I almost chose the ESV, but I still had trouble's understanding it, mainly in the prophets, but elsewhere as well.

I've found that the ESV in some passages is more difficult than the NASB, particularly in the OT. I suspect some like it because it seems more literary or "reverent" in those and similar passages. The HCSB is one translation I don't have.
Here's a link to the CBA's Top 10 list of bestselling versions, with data collected in April. The NIV is #1 followed by KJV, ESV, NLT, NKJV. There tends to be a lot of fluctuation in this list from month to month. For example I've seen the NKJV at #1 before and for April it was only #5.
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