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Boy, sometimes it pays to go to one's favorite used Christian bookshop at just the right time. At my favorite shop, I've picked up, just in the last few days:

Thomas Boston's commentary on the Shorter Catechism (2 volumes)
Thomas Ridgeley's commentary on the Larger Catechism (2 volumes)
Joseph Hall's Contemplations (3 volumes)
John Gill's Body of Doctrinal Divinity

I've been looking for some of this stuff for years and, this time, all I had to do was walk in the front door...


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Thats great, in my area when you go in to the Christian book store used section all you find is Finney and Chafer, Stanley, and others of that theology.

Same with most second hand book stores very little from Reformed position.

True story a few week's back went to a book store that sells books at discounted price. As I was searchig I seen the name Timothy Keller and I wanted to read some thing by him. I was so excited to see The Prodigal God for $1.99 and they had five copies. I bought all five copies to give away. When I arrived home so happy with my five copies, I then noticed at the top of the book these word's "Discussion Guide". So now I have five Discussion Guides of The Prodigal God. Very hard to find Reformed books in the Buffalo area.
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