Creation Museum: Been There?

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We (our elders, my son and some friends) visited the museum after T4G last spring. It was excellent. Ken Ham has stated very simply that the goal of the museum is to present the Gospel. They did so well. God is the Creator. He has a right to expect obedience from His creatures. His creatures fail miserably and can't do anything about it. God provided the means for restoration through a very personal and costly means; the sacrifice of His own son. It's all there. The final "exhibit" is a "wrap up" of what has been presented and man's dilemma.
We spent as much time as we could (about 6+ hours), and could have spent another couple of hours there easily. It is a great apologetic resource as well. And, if Ken Ham speaks he offers great discounts on package deals. We bought a bundle for the church library.
I'd go again, but wouldn't go far out of my way to do it. Perhaps with grandkids one day. But not for me personally. Unlike some places where it's more of an experience, once was enough for me.
Regardless of theological disagreements, Ken Ham is a precious brother in Christ and doing more personally for the spread of the Gospel than many of us combined. We can disagree with theology and method, but may we all rejoice that Christ is being preached; even on Sundays. ;)
I've heard good things about it, but has anyone on the board actually been there yet? I'm thinking of going there on the 4th, and am interested in any feedback people might have.

First, by way of disclosure -- I'm an old-earth creationist, so when I went to the Creation Museum it was with the full understanding that we did not agree as to the age of the earth. That being said, the more time I spent there the angrier I got -- not over the science, but over their treatment of other Christians.

B.B. Warfield being listed as a biblical compromiser was a bit too much for me.
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