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Puritan Board Doctor
Sometimes, even seminary libraries don't realize what they're giving away. Last week, I picked up:

A Remedy for Wandering Thoughts in the Worship of God by Richard Steele (1673)

The Attraction of the Cross by Gardiner Spring (1845)

Order in the Offices: Essays Defining the Roles of Church Officers, edited by Mark R. Brown (1993)

Losing Our Virtue: Why the Church Must Recover Its Moral Vision by David F. Wells (1998)

Because, you know, it's not possible to own too many books.

Alan D. Strange

Puritan Board Senior
There are various reasons for which libraries deaccession volumes in their collections, including duplicates. Thus what a library gives away may or may not have any significance for its overall collection development and retention policies. This should not, therefore, reflect badly in any way on WSC.


John Yap

Puritan Board Sophomore
Some libraries have excess due to donations from people, or they facilitate as a “middleman” to receive books from others with the intentions of holding giveaways
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