Guillaume Bucanus on the Trinity

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Of the Trinity.

How many Persons be there in that one Essence of God?

Three, and those both in number, and in very deed distinguished, the Father, Son, and the holy Ghost: which have their subsisting in one divine essence: whereupon it comes to passe, that there be not many Gods, but one God, and the same eternal, infinite, and omnipotent, who is named Jehovah in the Scriptures: and is said to be most simple by reason of essence, and three by reason of Persons.

By what testimonies of Scripture do you prove the Trinity?

Genes. 1.1. God or Elohim created the heaven and the earth. In which place the verb being of the singular number doth signify the most simple essence of God: and the substantive Elohim being the plural number, doth note out the three Persons. Also in the creation of man, God as it were taking counsel with his eternal wisdom, that is, the Son and the holy Ghost, saith thus: vers. 26. Let vs make man after our image. Where he saith, Let us make, because of the number of the persons, and after our image, because of the unity of the essence. Gen. 19.24. The Lord rained from the Lord brimstone and fire upon Sodom and Gomorrah: in which place the person sending the rain, and the person from whom it was sent, (that is the Son) is distinguished from the Father. ...

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