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I was wondering if there was a compilation of all the "inspired commentary" passages if scripture. For example, Matthew 22:44 with the context is our inspired interpretation of Psalm 110:1, as well as Mark 12:24-27 as our inspired interpretation of Exodus 3:6.

I imagine it could be larger or smaller depending upon your understanding if direct quotation, allusion and "echo" of Scripture, but I am wondering if such a list exists at all, or if I ought to make it.

Jack K

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Well, there's the Commentary on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament, which surely is on the "larger" side of what you ask and includes allusions and echoes. The book is arranged by New Testament passage, but the excellent Scripture index in the back of the book also allows the reader to work beginning with an Old Testament passage. This lets you start with Exodus 3:6, for example, and not just have the particular point Jesus made in Mark 12 as your "inspired commentary" but get a fuller picture based on several New Testament mentions and allusions. The book is a highly valuable reference work, and one I turn to often.

That book is a thousand-plus-page reference, and still I find it incomplete because it does not include commentary within the testaments. For example, it would seem we ought to view Nehemiah 13:23-27 as inspired commentary on 1 Kings 11, since it takes Solomon's sin of marrying foreign women and comments on it, applying it to Nehemiah's situation. Scripture is so interconnected—alluding to itself, commenting on itself, building on what has been said before—that the task of compiling a complete reference could be never-ending. Our modern reference Bibles note many of the clearest connections, and typically note all the direct citations, but an insightful student or preacher will always be seeing still more connections.
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