Internet Radios?


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My Robert is dying. The mains socket has survived a few falls but is finally giving up. My Roberts stream 107 used someone else as their platform for the internet radio and half way through that external website changed and "Favourites" vanished. If you know how they access broabcast Talk Radio then please let me know. Not particularly a fan of the BBC so I look futher afield for my news coverage.

Not really worried about HiFi sound quality - it will be predominantly speech based radio. Anyone got experience of these Amazon offerings? Feeling drawn to the Pure Elan IR3 at the moment.
LEMEGA IR1 Portable Internet Radio (£40)
LEMEGA IR4 Stereo Portable Internet Radio (£60)
Pure Elan IR3 Portable Internet Radio (£55)

Ocean Digital WiFi Internet Radios WR-336N (£55)


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I had never heard of an internet radio.
As I recall, it was gaining popularity in the US (accessed through computers) but ran into issues when the 'talent' on the commercials started demanding additional payment. Then the satellite services jumped into that niche.


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I like the convenience of a bedside radio with buttons. Alexa seems to offer "suggestions" focused on Amazon products and stations.
I really thought someone would have experience of internet radio


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Bought the Pure Elan IR3. Alexa refusing to cooperate was final straw! Will put up a review here once it arrives


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Well the radio arrived this morning. Easy to set up and search stations, lovely sound quality for a radio.

Playing the Patriot out of Arizona quite nicely on "1", Cat County 98.1 from Pensecola (?) on "2" and Reformed Forum podcasts on "3"

There are four physical station buttons with the fourth giving access to the station menu with another eight stored stations.

It is a basic internet radio, if you want DAB, FM or MW then you will need to pay more for what are becoming standard radios.

Whilst I bought it for the internet feature, it also is spotify enabled! Spotify is an expensive subscription service but my wife subscribes and lets the rest of us use it too.

Another feature is that it accesses shared hard drive music/mp3 files. It found my laptop no problem but I would need to tweak the permission settings to access my ripped CD collection.

It has a clickwheel which those of us with internet radios are familiar with. It is painstaking for those used to touchscreens but if you only use it to set up your favourite stations it won't be too annoying.

Negatives - I only have one negative and that is the label covering the LCD display. Mine tore pulling it off and I am fighting the urge to scrape it off while waiting for Pure support to advise me of a solvent that might remove it more gently.

Happy to answer questions

and yes, #notmybbc is a thing!


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forgot to mention it has aux "in" and "out"

Plug in an FM transmitter and you can broadcast throughout the house