Keeping the Sabbath on Super Bowl Sunday

Discussion in 'The Law of God' started by blhowes, Jan 22, 2004.

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  1. Canadian Baptist

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    This is what ends up happening with the Sabbath question all the time. :rolleyes:
    The requirements for Sabbath keeping must come from scripture alone. Not from subjective guessing. The verses quoted by some stated that God said the SEVENTH DAY (Saturday) was the Sabbath. The Sabbath was a LAW, not a principle layed down about resting "one in seven." No where in scripture was this to be violated! Therefore it is reading into scripture to say that the Sabbath has been changed to Sunday. So let the Sabbath stay where it was given: to the people of Israel under the Old Covenant. If we try to bring it into the New Covenant without scriptural consent and impose it on the "one new man" the Church composed of Jew and Gentile, we confuse exegesis with eisegisis. The Seventh Day Adventists stand by and laugh at our inconsistency on the Sabbath. (May they be rebuked for their heretical teachings.) If you try to obey the Sabbath under the New Covenant, the Old Testament rules become impossible to keep so we try to change the Old Testament rules for the Sabbath for ourselves under the New. How are the folks in the far North to keep Sabbath according to scripture? (sundown to sundown) The sun doesn't set for 6 months! This law was for a Physical people in a physical land. We try to downplay the distance restrictions, the death penalty for violation, the cooking restrictions,etc etc just because we think we are required to keep it today. If we are to keep it today then don't change any of the laws regarding it!!
    We are free to keep a day or not keep a day as unto the Lord.
    Soli Deo Gloria.
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  3. Canadian Baptist

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    Sabbath question

    Thanks for the link. I read the article rather quickly, but it seems to be quite good. However, I still do not agree with separating the Law into civil, ceremonial, and moral because the scripture never does. (See Lev. 19 where many of the 10 commandments are interspersed with stuff like not cutting your beard and not getting tatoos.) We are under New Covenant law: the law of Christ. What He has "commanded us" under the New Covenant is what we are under. The Old Covenant Obligations must not be subjectively chosen and brought forward depending on what seems right to us. The Law reveals God's dealings with His people during a time in redemptive history and has changed with the coming of the One who kept all of it's obligations.
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    iam new to this. i have worked two jobs most of my life to support my family. due to my sin and poor stewardship have allowed debt to control my life. letter carrier by day,limo dispatcher at night(two nights). work ot on my first job also. when on that list . youare reguired to work when they need you. which can be almost every dayand your day off during the week. that means six days a week . i work sunday 400p -1100p. itake my bible or abook to read when it is quiet. it is not hard labor but can be streesfull at times. will out this job i would not be support my family(maybe???). should we working 6 days a week any way? labor into his rest everyday. has any one read luther on the sabbath ?
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    Even a Jew was expected to understand the difference between ceremonial and moral laws. Just investigate the sanctions. People were not executed for trimming their beards or wearing clothes made from two materials.

    Recognizing that there are no bright lines in the Bible separating the law-code into types, it is simply wrong to suggest that such types do not exist.

    "For I desire mercy and not sacrifice, And the knowledge of God more than burnt offerings." (Hosea 6:6)
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