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The mighty works of the Lord are worthy to be remembered...forever.

Why Hebrews called "Hebrews"? And, is it possible that Hebrew was the original language of mankind?

See "The Antiquity of the Hebrews" in the "Comments".

Some sermons on Babel (in the "Comments").

The Chronicles page has been fully updated.

The doctrines pertaining to salvation are altogether clear in Scripture; but the Bible retains its depths and mysteries...

Sermon: "The Sons of Joktan" (in the "Comments")...

The genealogy of the Christ!

Sermon: "The Messianic Line" (in the "Comments").

Sermon: "Generational Declension" (in the "Comments")

Although it is not unusual for God to extend His salvation through families, grace does not run in the blood. The native tendency of fallen flesh is for family religion to decay. However, God has frequently restored the lost spiritual treasures of a family; after the idolatry of Terah comes Abraham...

Sermon: "Up from Declension" (in the "Comments")

Having been placed after Samuel-Kings, Chronicles has suffered a de facto decanonization. But in the Hebrew Bible, Chronicles is found at the end of the OT. Does that change things?

Sermon: "Ruth, Chronicles, and Contextual Interpretation" (in the "Comments")

In the Genealogies of Chronicles, we have a record of names otherwise unknown, a reminder that the Lord knows His own, even those laboring in obscurity, and calls them by name.

Sermon: "Chronicles and the Gospel to the Nations " (in the "Comments" section).

Abraham? A Christian? What?!

Sermon: "Abraham's Son and Savior, Part 1" (in the "Comments")

In the days of Abraham, God was pleased to reveal more concerning the Christ to come, the great Priest-King.

Sermon: "Abraham's Son and Savior, Part 2" (in the "Comments" section)

The Doctrine of Justification by Faith Alone was not new with Paul (much less Luther), but was taught by Moses in Genesis...

Sermon: "Justification in Historical Perspective, Part 1" (in the "Comments").

Abraham was justified by faith alone in Christ alone.

Sermon: "Justification in Historical Perspective, Part 2" (in the "Comments" section)

It was promised to Abraham that he would be the Father of Many Nations. Children are a blessing.

Sermon: "The Father of Many Nations" (in the "Comments" section

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