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For those of you who use Logos and Mac, do you all find that Logos runs better or faster vs. Windows? I'm considering moving over to Mac either with a MacBook Pro or a Mac Studio and wanted to see if anyone here on PB had experience with using Logos on this sort of hardware, as I've read that Logos isn't particularly optimized for multi-threading.

I use Windows, in fact an old HP I got refurbed on Ebay for $125. The speed doesnt depend so much on whether it is a Mac or PC, but the RAM and HD. Do you have a HDD or SSD; and it makes a world of difference with Logos. Most all older computers come with a HDD. For me, all I had to do was upgrade my older computer with a SSD and Logos is exceptionally fast now; I also went from 4gb of RAM to 8. If you want to spend the bookoo on a Mac, I know it has its advantages; but dont think you have to, to get Logos running good. It works perfect with a PC with a SSD, preferably a 1TB.
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