Which puritan to begin with?

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I am thinking about starting to read some of the puritans. I was looking for some advice on which of them to begin with.

Dense, complicated english is quite exhausting for me to read, so I wonder if there are any puritans that could be considered more of an \"easy\" read that could be recommended? If there aren't any, which do you consider the easiest?

I am looking for anything that deals with the joys and trials of the christian life.

It is hard to escape 'density' with the Puritans. Maybe that is because publishing was more difficult at that time. They didn't have the luxury of extra words. :lol:

As for the subject matter you are looking for, I would recommend "Providence Handled Practically" by Obadiah Sedgwick available here: Amazon.com: Providence Handled Practically (9781601780256): Obadiah Sedgwick: Books

It has an introduction by Joel Beeke and our very own Rev Matthew Winzer!

I recommend reading it as a devotional.
Another vote for Thomas Watson, Christopher Love, and John Bunyan.

I also agree that Joel Beeke's "Meet the Puritans" is a solid resource.
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