1. InerrantBible

    Christian Leaders Institute free Bible school

    Hello everyone. I stumbled on Christian Leaders Institute a few years ago (I think), but I quickly lost interest. I stumbled on Christian Leaders Institute again in August of 2020 while I was searching for "free online seminary classes." CLI calls itself a Bible school that offers free...
  2. TheBruisedReed

    TGC and Seminaries

    The Gospel Coalition is a hot topic these days, and for good reason. I think we all understand it's a huge mixed bag of different contributors, so you're going to get a lot of varying content under one banner. We're talking material ranging from confessional reformed orthodoxy to stuff that's...
  3. N

    Is Trinity Theological Seminary Changing For The Better?

    I've noticed a lot of threads on here that seem to believe that Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary is of a lowly caliber and a degree mill. I would have to urgently disagree as someone who attended Calvary Chapel Bible College and transferred into trinity. I finished my BA and...
  4. J

    Books on Christian Education

    I am in the process of researching the biblical perspective on education. I have been looking for books that are about Christian education. Specifically, I am hoping to find books that contain content on multiple views of education: homeschooling, public, private, ..etc. Any suggestions would be...
  5. Jonathan95

    Seeking Wisdom in Financial Stability.

    I'm a young 25yo man. I currently make $14/hour and after budgeting and setting aside money for bills and rent, etc. I find it difficult to save. I would like to begin to make a little more money but I don't have many hard skills to put on my resumé. I was making close to $21/h managing a start...
  6. J.L. Allen

    Greek Grammars

    Mods, please move if this is in the wrong section. Ok folks, Before starting seminary next year (Lord willing), I wanted to get people's opinions on Greek grammar textbooks. I have a few textbooks already from my studies at Moody. As listed: 1. A Primer for Biblical Greek by N. Clayton Croy...
  7. M

    Reformed Theological Education in Australia

    Hi All! A couple weeks ago, I created a thread regarding academic theological education. You guys were so helpful, I though I'd throw a couple other questions into the ring. I am currently enrolled with Reformed Theological College (RTC). Even though they've been awesome thus far, I am...
  8. M

    Do You Need Seminary To Teach Theology?

    At first glance, this question may come across as a no brainier, but I think its still worth asking. Do you need to have undertaken 5 to 7+ years of theological higher education to begin a career as a lecturer at seminary/university? With the rising costs of theological education, and with there...
  9. R.G. Sassard

    Theological Institutions

    Does anybody know of good universities/institutions to study theology abroad, in places like Europe? Places where they believe in the authority of the Scriptures where you can get a solid Christian education? Thanks in advance!
  10. Romans678


    Good afternoon everyone, I am in a bit of a conundrum. Both TNARS And PRBS are excellent seminaries per the reviews I've seen on this site. I am praying and constantly consulting Godly counsel on the one that is the best out of the two choices. I would like to know your opinions on them both...
  11. Romans678

    TNARS and its Affiliate Status

    Good evening everyone. I've been doing research about different seminaries and their benefits. The North American Reformed Seminary has come up in multiple discussions, with relatively good opinions all around. My question is about their Affiliate status. Why are they affiliated with ARTS but...
  12. R.G. Sassard

    Reformed Theology Education

    Hey guys! I am new to the site and glad to be here. I have been reading the PB forums for quite a while and finally decided to make an account and join. I am 24(going on 25) years old and am a bible college freshman double-majoring in Bible/Theology and Pastoral Ministry. I am considering...
  13. Filter

    The place of the Biblical languages in Christian education

    I am a staff member at a Bible college, and our classes began for the Spring semester this week. As our Biblical languages instructor is new, I sat in on his first class to evaluate his pedagogical aptitude. He began the class period by discussing the place of Biblical languages in Christian...
  14. Jonathan95

    Struggling with the idea of whether or not to attend seminary.

    I feel a definite call to ministry, I don't really have a second thought about that. Here's the thing, if i could just go to seminary now, I would. I want to stay away from attending seminary online because being on campus is really important to me. The idea of making some terrific friends along...
  15. A

    Advanced MDiv at SEBTS or Standard MDiv at SBTS

    Good morning, folks-- I joined the Puritan Board just a moment ago so that I could get you folks to weigh in on this question. I'll graduate this December, and I am looking for a seminary to attend. SBTS seemed like a solid choice for theological education. They have a stout faculty-- well...
  16. D

    From SBTS to Covenant?

    Hi all! I'm a super new member. My wife and 2 kids (1 more coming) are currently at Southern Seminary. We've been here 2 years, but I've been at SBTS just 1. My wife thought she might like to do the counseling, but we've recently seen the benefits of a more integrated/reformational counseling...
  17. P

    Northern Evangelical Seminary

    Hey everyone, My name is Trevor, and I am the President of Northern Evangelical Seminary. We aim to provide a world class, Biblical, and tuition free seminary education to called and capable students. I am here to answer any questions you may have about our seminary. You can also visit...
  18. M

    100% online Reformed Seminary

    What is one of the best Reformed Seminaries available 100% online? I live in South America and want to study for the Bachelors degree.
  19. M

    Reformed study program in Europe

    Dear PB members, I am from Prague, Czech Republic and I am hoping to study at some theological school/Bible college with reformed views and get a better understanding of various theological issues, God's Word and also get equipped for doing ministry work in my home country. I was wondering if...
  20. C

    Apologetics curriculum for kids?

    As we prepare to homeschool my 5-year-old in the fall, my wife asked whether we could consider getting some sort of apologetics curriculum that she could study with him. We are already working on the Westminster shorter catechism with him, but I think she is looking for something more workbook...
  21. raekwon

    PCA Strategic Plan: Alternate credentialing paths

    Ladies & gents, Just a heads-up -- some friends and I have started a collaborative blog (oh no, not another blog) about life & ministry in the PCA called Vintage73. Anyway, we're discussing pros and cons of some of the points of the proposed Strategic Plan -- the latest being alternative...
  22. G

    Worth Reading from the Heidelblog: "Education True and False"

    I thought that this post from R. Scott Clark was really an excellent piece on seminary education. This first installment of several is still fairly long, so I just included a snippet with the link. Oh, and since someone will undoubtedly wonder, although I think very highly of WSC, I have no...