1. Jonathan95

    Christians Struggling with what is Seen as Contradictions in Scripture

    How would you encourage new or maybe even long time believers who struggle with hard sayings in Scripture. If we were to look online I'm sure there are many cults and atheistic movements dedicated to flooding their websites with "Contradictions" in the Bible. If a believer runs into these or...
  2. C

    Was Scripture sufficient for Timothy?

    Morning all - I'm meeting with a RC who asked me this question, which I'm not sure how to address. If 2 Tim 3.14-17 teaches the sufficiency of Scripture, was it sufficient for Timothy? I think what he's getting at is that the NT wasn't written yet, so it's really referring to the OT. So if...
  3. Another FreeChurchMan

    Works on Providential Preservation

    Looking for direction in the study of the best works on the doctrine of providential preservation, both of the Old Testament Hebrew and the New Testament Greek!
  4. Regi Addictissimus

    Matthew Poole commentary questions

    Good day, brethren. I am getting ready to be isolated deep in the Rocky Mountains for a week. The space for books is slightly limited. I can't haul John Gill's massive six volumes and Calvin's 22 volumes around the mountains, I was thinking of taking Poole's commentary or possibly Matthew Henry...
  5. Regi Addictissimus

    Help deciding my next commentary set acquisition.

    I am torn on what commentary set to purchase next. The options are as follows: John Gill Keil & Delitzsch John Lightfoot's NT Commentary J. P. Lange John Trapp John Calvin (I have full access to my Church's set) I am open to more suggestions. Here are the sets I have: Matthew Poole, Matthew...
  6. brendanchatt

    Can we recite Psalms responsively?

    I think this could go in church order or worship, lmk. This thread was spawned from this post and discussion following between myself, Edward, and Chris (The Old Course). ----- I don't...
  7. Tom Hart

    Who May Read the Scriptures in Public Worship?

    (I apologize if this has been asked. The search function does not seem to be working on either my PC or my smartphone.) Q. 156. Is the Word of God to be read by all? A. Although all are not permitted to read the Word publicly to the congregation... (Deut. 31:9,11-13; Neh. 8:2-3, 9:2-5) Q. 158...
  8. RBachman

    Scripture Saturation Project - Piety Run amok?

    I have been increasing my level of scripture reading, praying and memorization in response to the realization that my sanctification, such as it was, had slipped ... a lot. WCF 18 IV was particularly convicting in this regard due to my personal situation (lost my job, again, my small business is...
  9. Christian Teegardin

    My View of the Limited Atonement (Controversial)

    (The text in italics is from an article I'll give a reference to at the end of the post.) Warning: This post contains (a) controversial viewpoint(s). This post might seem a bit amateurish. I am no professional theologian. I was researching Scriptural support for the limited atonement and...
  10. R

    James and Jude, Brothers of Jesus, Cousins of Jesus, or Neither?

    I have been working through this question in my mind and with the Scripture recently and have had several conversations with other Pastors and brothers in Christ on this matter. However, I have been receiving many different answers regarding the subject. I do have a tentative position presently...
  11. R

    Limited Inspiration

    Hello, I'm wondering if someone might be able to help me find some source materials online about "limited (partial) inspiration." I've searched for proponents of the theory from the past and from today, but haven't found very much. I found in Hodge's Systematic Theology he quotes...
  12. F

    Review and Giveaway: Carson's Collected Writings on Scripture

    I put a review up of D.A. Carson's latest book, ?utm_source=jyoung&utm_medium=blogpartners"]Collected Writings on Scripture, up today at my blog. There's also a giveaway over the next day for those who're interested. Review and Giveaway: Collected Writings on Scripture
  13. Augusta

    Found a nice Bible Maps website with satellite images of place names etc.

    I have found this site really helpful for visualizing where the Israelites went in their wilderness wanderings. The satellite views also reveal just how much of a wilderness the wilderness was. :gpl: There is a window where you pick which chapter in whatever book of the Bible you are...