Another Big Time Pastor Forced to resign now

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Care to elaborate on this FEMAing, and how much you know about it. Feel free to start a new thread. I would be interested.

New World Order is going to place us all into FEMA camps. Trump's election put the brakes on that. I'm not going to say more because I don't want to derail the thread.


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We are also apt to forget that the watching world tends to make no distinction whatsoever between Bill Hybels, John MacArthur, and the most faithful confessional elders. They are all considered evangelical Bible-thumpers.
There's no cause for rejoicing here.
When ever any Christian who is prominent falls in a sin situation, that can and does bring reproach to cause of Christ, and at times, how we as fellow believers reacts in a negative and condemning way makes it even worse.
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