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Phil D.

ὁ βαπτιστὴς
I need some help deciphering an old greek text that uses a lot of strange script and old ligatures (in a work by the Greek scholar Isaac Casaubon, Geneva, 1587)
So far I think I have everything except the letter between and γ - καί ἐ πἠ*γελτο - and just look at the crazy script for γ ! I found that one in one of the several lists of old scripts and ligatures that I have but I'm not finding the other one. Any ideas or helpful sources? Or am I totally off on some of my other renderings?

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I found a newer edition of the work and it gives it as καί ἐ πἠγγελτο [!] Now, does anyone have an idea what that means ?!
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Thanks, David! That's a great compilation, of which I had seen most but not all of the sources. The first gamma in my word appears to be from a damaged letter block of an old style script where the right hand side of it is missing - although now in looking closer there seems to be a hint of a dissected tail intersecting the middle of the second gamma. I never would have guessed what it was without finding a newer edition of the work it's in, which uses more conventional script. However, I'm still not finding a definition for πἠγγελτο. It's not in any of the regular lexicons, and DeepL suggests it means a webpage permalink :think:
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καὶ ἐπήγγελτο.
The second word appears to be a mispelling of ἐπήγγελετο, the aorist middle 3rd person singular of ἐπαγγέλλω, "to announce."

Thanks! That does make good sense in context. The ἐ seems to have been inadvertently separated from the rest of the word, except the latter version looks almost the same. But the spacing may simply be due to the accompanying diacritic, as would also seem to be the case with the subsequent eta.

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