Jehoshaphat: A Great Deliverance

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Ed Walsh

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Greetings beloved of the Lord,

When I study a book of the Bible, it has been my custom to pick one commentary prayerfully and carefully (like David's five smooth stones) and read it cover-to-cover. I check with other resources as the need arises.

I am now in II Chronicles and reading:
A house of prayer—The message of 2 Chronicles
by: Andrew Stewart
ISBN 0 85234 480 5​

I picked a chapter of Stewart's comments on 2 Chronicles 19:4–21:3 to share with you my encouragement. Also included is the Title page, Contents, and Introduction.

Chapter 12 - Jehoshaphat: A Great Deliverance.

I found its contents pastoral and very edifying. The chapter is almost 6,000 words long, so I have attached it as a PDF.

God bless,

Ed Walsh


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