Matthew Poole on Revelation (cont.)


Puritan Board Freshman
Christian, we have job to do.

The Church is called to bear witness to the whole counsel of God, everything that Jesus has taught us in doctrine and precept.

That witness is not yet complete; there is progress to be made and work to be done.

Let us follow and imitate our Jesus, the faithful and true witness.

Poole on Revelation 3:15.


Puritan Board Freshman
Our culture tells us that we suffer from low self-esteem. But in reality we thinks so much of ourselves, and our own thoughts, that we routinely prefer our own way to that of the Omniscient, All-wise God.

We think much of ourselves, and so it is not easy to receive criticism. However, we must humble ourselves, and receive Christ's evaluation, if we are to see ourselves as we really are...

Poole on Revelation 3:17.