Matthew Poole on Revelation (cont.)

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Our nation certainly has a troubled history with respect to race.

The doctrine of the Bible provides the only solution, revealing man's common origin and destiny.

See Poole on Revelation 7:9.

E.B. Elliott asserts that the rise of the Augustinian theology in the fourth/fifth century is prophesied in Revelation 7 in the Sealing and Palm-bearing visions (Election and Perseverance respectively). Could he be right?

Elliott thought Augustine's theology worthy of the such a prophecy, asserting that for a thousand years, if there was anything good in the world, it was because of Augustine.

See Dr. Dilday's Sermon: "The Bishop of Hippo" in the "Comments".

"If you love Christ at all, you love him with a superlative love; above [family], houses, goods and worldly comforts... and if you love him at all, the vail is rent, and you have got into the holiest." --Ralph Erskine

If the holy angels, who are not beneficiaries of redemption, nevertheless marvel at it, and praise God for much more should we!

Oh, our adorable Redeemer!

"The way to heaven lies through many tribulations; but tribulation, how great soever, shall not separate us from the love of God. Tribulation, when gone through well, will make heaven more welcome and more glorious." -William Tong

We think too little of heaven. We have been created and re-created for spiritual things and the heavenly realm. Why do we obsess over matter and mud?


"God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes. They have formerly had their sorrows, and shed many tears, both upon the account of sin and affliction; but God himself, with his own gentle and gracious hand, will wipe those tears away, and they shall return no more for ever; and they would not have been without those tears, when God comes to wipe them away. In this he deals with them as a tender father who finds his beloved child in tears, he comforts him, he wipes his eyes, and turns his sorrow into rejoicing. This should moderate the Christian's sorrow in his present state, and support him under all the troubles of it; for those that sow in tears shall reap in joy; and those that now go forth weeping, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again rejoicing, bringing their sheaves with them." --William Tong (for Matthew Henry)

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Jonathan Edwards' History of Redemption: 'Another way that Satan attempted to restore paganism in the Roman empire, was by the invasions and conquest of heathen nations. For in this space of time, the Goths and Vandals, and other barbarous nations from the north, invaded the empire, and obtained great conquests. They even overran the empire, and in the fifth century took the city of Rome, and finally conquered and took possession of the western half of the empire, and divided it amongst them. It was divided into ten kingdoms, with which began the ten horns of the beast; for we are told, that the ten horns are ten kings, who should rise in the latter part of the Roman empire: these are also represented by the ten toes of Nebuchadnezzar's image. The invasion and conquests of these heathen nations are supposed to be foretold in Revelation 8, in what came to pass under the sounding of the four first trumpets. Now by their means heathenism was again for a while restored after it had been rooted out.—So much for the opposition of Satan against the success of the gospel during this space before the rise of Antichrist.'

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Poole's "Synopsis of Biblical Interpreters" on Revelation 1-7 is available in print!

We resume with Revelation 8...

God's judgments come on by degrees, and with the sounding of the trumpet, so that a people might repent and sue for peace through the blood of the cross.

Does anyone here the sounding of the trumpet in our land?

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