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There is a short tract in Latin on God’s decree of predestination by Robert Rollock, the early and formative Scottish theologian, which was left untranslated in his two volume Select Works. It has now been translated and made publicly available for the first time.

Rollock here treats of the important distinctions to be recognized within God’s decree of predestination, especially as it comes to be variously executed through time in providence. Of special interest might be his affirmation of God's eternal approval of the salvation of the reprobate, though it be undecreed, and decreed against:

“Approval without the decree belongs to all good things with respect to themselves, though they are not at any time realized, of which sort are the conversion, faith, and salvation of reprobates; which God surely approves of simply, but does not decree to come about… 1 Tim. 2:4, ‘Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.’”​

Rollock’s early paradigm appears to have been influential through later reformed thought as reflections of it occur in later reformed scholastics, including in the Metaphysical Disquisitions of Samuel Rutherford at the end of his Latin treatise on Providence. More on this can be explored on our page On God's Revealed Will.

Treat yourself to some of the best reformed theology extant:

Rollock, Robert – A Brief Instruction on the Eternal Approval & Disapproval of the Divine Mind 1593/4 6 pp. trans. Charles Johnson & Travis Fentiman​

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It is always good to see more and more material translated into English. Thanks for your work (and please consider translating more works if you get the chance).

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Thank you for sharing. I am delighted to see more Rollock translated. I often dub him the "William Perkins of Scotland." He had an indelible mark on the Scottish Reformation. Rollock introduced expository preaching to Scotland and directly shaped a generation of preachers.

We just finished translating his famous commentary on Ephesians. Hopefully, with you two translating this and our upcoming release, it will inspire more of his works to be translated.

For those interested in learning more, check out the links below.

This is an interview on Rollock:

Another lecture by the same gentleman. It has the same title, but it is a different lecture. This one has more biographical details.
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