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C. Matthew McMahon

Christian Preacher

The Works of Richard Greenham Volume 1 by Richard Greenham, (1531-1594)

Richard Greenham, (1531-1594) was an early puritan, engaged in holy labor for Christ, being a most godly brother, wonderful pastor, zealous preacher, and esteemed as used greatly in the church of God.

This first volume of Greenham’s writings illuminate the biblical path every Christian should take to honor the Lord in their daily life. Whether seeking blessings, understanding the scriptures, embracing the marks of a righteous individual, or averting the pitfalls of hypocrisy and anger, his treatises (long or short) offer Scriptural insight. Greenham exemplified the essence of a practical puritan, always guiding believers towards a more sincere connection with the Lord Jesus Christ, emphasizing a life aligned with God’s Spirit.

While Greenham was no doubt scholarly in laying the foundation for his theological insights, what resonates in his works is the palpable pastoral spirit and his heartfelt practical testament. Living in a tumultuous era, (even faced with the looming threat of the plague and mortality’s shadow), his unyielding commitment to Christ stands out blatantly in his works. He is a light and example for those seeking refuge and purpose in a fallen world, emphasizing the unwavering adherence Christians must have to God’s holy principles.

Greenham’s works beckons all earnest souls towards Christ. Like a refreshing balm, his biblical insights provide comfort to those wrestling with their Christian walk and the myriad of challenges they face day by day as they walk with God. As readers immerse themselves in this first volume, they will be transported to high thoughts of God, realizing the fleeting nature of earthly existence and the timeless eternity of God’s truth. Greenham’s words bolster our resolve, ensuring that when grounded in a holy resolve, our bond with Jesus Christ only strengthens, and draws us closer to the Savior.

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Table of Contents
Meet Richard Greenham by C. Matthew McMahon
The Christian Walk by C. Matthew McMahon
A Treatise of Blessedness
Directions for Reading and Understanding the Scriptures
The First Treatise for An Afflicted Conscience
The Second Treatise for An Afflicted Conscience
The Marks of a Righteous Man
Sure Signs of Election for Those Who Have Been Brought Low
A Treatise on Self-Examination Before and After the Lord’s Supper
A Treatise on the Fear of God
A Treatise on the Resurrection
A Treatise on Hypocrisy
A Treatise on Anger
A Treatise on the Doctrine of Fasting
Notes on Our Salvation
The Sending of the Holy Spirit
A Brief Treatise on Prayer
Directions for Consolation
A Set of Wholesome Guidelines or Directions for a Christian Life
APPENDIX: A Marriage Contract

Nice. I am on page 300 doing the same works. It will be nice to get these in print via your avenue, and for free eBook via Monergism with mine. Great work. If I get done with mine, before you get done with yours, I will shoot you the manuscript to see if it can help you in your efforts any. God Bless.
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