The Ultimate Question: Mac or PC?

Discussion in 'Computers & Technology' started by tellville, Apr 28, 2007.

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  1. Scott

    Scott Puritan Board Graduate

    Got word that the tech repair guy just left the house and the Wintel computer is running again. Seems like once every year or two, I have to spend several hours / days trying and failing to fix unintelligible Windows problems and then pay a guy to come out and fix the problems. I am going to factor that into the price of my next computer. And we do not use our system hard. It is mainly for email, some small kids' educational and game software, and internet browsing. Argh! I am becoming anti-Microsoft.
  2. G.Wetmore

    G.Wetmore Puritan Board Freshman

    I had a P.C.s for a long time, and I finally got a mac almost 2 yrs ago. I just got tired of viruses, spyware, crashing, and every other problematic thing my Dell was doing. I bought a Ibook G4 and told myself that I would use it for class and things, where I would need the portability of the laptop, but that I would keep my PC set up on my desk and use it at the house. Well, after a few days getting used to the mac, I liked it so much I never used the pc. Finally after just letting it sit on my desk for about a year and a half I just took it down because all it was doing was taking up space. I am not a computer geek, but I know that I will never by another windows computer again. I have not had any problems on my mac. Everything works good, and I know that the system is secure, so I'm not going to get a buch of viruses.

    So to all of you who are still using those filthy virus ridden PC's, come to the light and get a mac for you next computer. You won't be sorry.

    Oh, by the way, for all of you who need a good Bible software that does original languages, I think Accordance works great. I use mine in class next to guys using Bibleworks and Logos, and I think accordance is better, and easier to use.
  3. daveb

    daveb Puritan Board Sophomore

    Haven't tried either of those but have used multiple versions of Red Hat/Fedora, Debian, SuSe, Mandrake/Mandriva, Ubuntu/Kubuntu, Knoppix, and Corel. I know that they're getting better (I no longer have to compile my own vid card drivers) but it's not just the OS itself it's the applications. I find the commercial apps for Windows or Mac beat their free Linux counterparts but your mileage may vary.

    If I want a Unix-like system I'll usually go for a BSD because they're pretty solid once setup.
  4. historyb

    historyb Puritan Board Junior

    That's why I like and dis-like Microsoft. I like them because they keep me in business, I repair PC's :Dand I am anti-Microsoft for the same reason.
  5. Scott

    Scott Puritan Board Graduate

    This is computer relativism - there can be only one! ;)
  6. daveb

    daveb Puritan Board Sophomore

    Yep, it's all relative! ;)

    I'm completely pragmatic when it comes to computers - use whatever tool works best for you! :judge:
  7. KMK

    KMK Administrator Staff Member

    I haven't had time. Too busy on PB.
  8. jbergsing

    jbergsing Puritan Board Sophomore

    Steve, it isn't that I wouldn't like one myself. It would probably suite me better than the WinXP machine. But with the prices so high for the Mac, I just can't justify to my wife why I need to spend the extra $$$$$.
  9. Jerusalem Blade

    Jerusalem Blade Puritan Board Post-Graduate


    I see here a MacBook for $1,099 (a 13 in. screen is pretty small, though, if you're used to something larger):

    My own wife is so good with money and the budget I put her in charge of our finances, and we have to agree before making big expenditures (I can override, though I do not foresee my doing such). So I can appreciate your working with her. A good Mac is an important investment. That's how we approached it. Being retired and in a foreign country, our income is fixed.

    She helped me save for mine (14 in iBook G4); I got what I foresaw I would need for the next 4 years or so -- could last me longer than that, for my usage.

  10. Jerusalem Blade

    Jerusalem Blade Puritan Board Post-Graduate

  11. 3John2

    3John2 Puritan Board Freshman

    I must be a geek. I just bought another iMac. Couldn't resist got it for $120 including shipping & handling on ebay. Works great!!! Has a Motorola chip though I think. For what I use it it's just fine. At least I'm being a good steward with my $$.:lol:
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