1. zsmcd

    Young guy, PCA background, baptist church?

    I’m a young guy (23), newly married (three months), and expecting our first child October 30th. I just recently moved and have had trouble settling down into a church. Surprisingly, the problem isn’t that there aren’t any good churches. There are actually an abundance of good churches which...
  2. T

    Protestant and Church History

    The fact that baptismal regeneration was the long held belief since the early church, bothers me. Should it? How did the people get that so wrong from the beginning if we are correct?
  3. R

    Ursinus Heidelberg commentary mentions cattle baptism

    In Ursinus' commentary on the Heidelberg catechism in regards to Question 71 he mentions an abuse of baptism in a way involving cattle. I can't seem to find any reference to cattle and baptism, is someone willing to share some insight? Thanks, Ray
  4. Ask Mr. Religion

    Re-Baptism Turning Pastoral Dilemma into Teaching Opportunity

    Came across my desk this afternoon: "(1) What is baptism? Both Donatists and Anabaptists argued that they were not “rebaptizing” at all, since what was rejected was not really baptism in the first place. (2) What is the relationship of internal religious experience to the sacrament of...
  5. K

    The Intention, and Meaning and Planned obsolescence for the Household Principle

    This is a short treatise on the household principal, apart of a larger work for class. Just throwing it out there to see what kind of feedback I get. as note if there are grammatical errors it is because I am still refining the larger work. Quite often we speak of the household principle...
  6. Scholten

    The Church Started Before Acts 2 - Pros and Cons

    This post is in response to material on the Ariel Ministries website concerning the church not starting until after Acts 2. I come from a Reformed background and would be very interested in feedback to the response given below. In Christ, Herb Kraker Ariel Ministries' Statement In this...
  7. rrfranks

    Baptizing the child of a non-member

    I have a scenario on which I would like to get your wisdom. I am a PCA pastor and have been contacted by someone I know who is a believer and lives two to three hours away. His wife recently gave birth to their first child and he would like to have his daughter baptized as he is convinced by...
  8. P

    Baptism of Children

    Discussion has come up recently at my church about the appropriate time to baptize a child who has made a profession of faith. The parents seem keen on a Mark Dever-ish view, which requires waiting until the child has a chance to prove his or her sincerity in the real world. See here: Capitol...
  9. A

    What was the seed that started your change of mind?

    I was surprised to find in one of the polls on this board that so many people had gone from being credobaptists to paedobaptists. So my question is specifically to those who have had such a change of mind. What is it that sowed the seed of doubt about credobaptism for you? What was that hook...
  10. Pilgrim

    Oikia vs Oikos--A Vaid Distinction?

    In some 19th Century paedobaptist polemical works, I've recently seen the terms oikia and oikos distinguished. Oikos is said to mean family and oikia is said to mean household, which would include servants, etc. Generally speaking, the argument is that in Acts and elsewhere in the NT oikos is...
  11. Logan Almy

    Resources on Baptism in Romans 6:3-4

    What are some good resources on the meaning of baptism in Romans 6:3-4? I am looking for resources that state and explain the arguments in favor of the different views (water baptism, Spirit baptism, a combination). I am interested especially in the meaning of the phrases: "baptized...
  12. Pilgrim

    A Presbyterian and a Reformed Baptist discuss baptism
  13. Pilgrim

    John 1:25 and Mode of Baptism

    Where did the Pharisees get the idea that the Christ (the Messiah) Elijah or the Prophet would baptize? Does this relate primarily to the authority by which John was baptizing, perhaps especially why he was baptizing Jews? Or was there some expectation from the OT (or perhaps elsewhere) that...
  14. Grimmson

    Age, Households, and Consequences

    If a non-believer is part of the household, where the head is a believer (confessing Christian), then at what age or reason (referring to the argument) would you NOT require that head to have the non-believer baptized? Should that member be exiled from the household in your option based on the...
  15. eqdj

    Baptism in the Patristic Age

    I really appreciate Dr. Fesko's summary comment of baptism in the Patristic Age in his "Word, Water, and Spirit: A Reformed Perspective on Baptism"(pg. 35) Dr. Fesko's comment on baptism in the early church is consistent with other published paedobaptist authors, cf. Prof. David Wright...
  16. eqdj

    Reformed (Non-Presbyterian) Books on Baptism

    So I just realised the books I have on baptism are either in accordance with or against the Westminster Standards. Are there any books on baptism written by Reformed (Three Forms of Unity) Authors? I think the most I have are the Systematic Theologies of aBrakel and Bavinck, and Venema's...
  17. eqdj

    From Credo to Paedo: Your Decisive Turn

    I'm reading "The Case For Covenantal Infant Baptism" edited by Gregg Strawbridge, published by P&R. In his Introduction, Strawbridge writes of his coming to Paedobaptism from Credobaptism. On page four he writes, "My study of the issue took a decisive turn when I began to see that the new...
  18. tjm3383

    Do baptized infants go to heaven? do unbaptized infants or adults go to hell?

    I've been having a discussion on facebook with someone who said that he would rush a dying infant to be baptized. He also stated that Mark 16:16 indicates that you must believe and be baptized or be condemned to hell. I don't believe baptism saves your nor do I believe that not being baptized...
  19. Grillsy

    Calvin and Baptismal Regeneration

    Some members of my church recently attended a seminar at a local Baptist church dealing with John Calvin. There, much to the shock and dismay of my fellow Presbyterian churchmen, they claimed that Calvin believed in Baptismal regeneration. It is true that some of his statements do seem to...
  20. Grillsy

    Best books about infant Baptism

    What are the best works available on infant Baptism available in your opinion? If possible could you divide your selections into Larger works and shorter works? I would really appreciate your input.
  21. Grillsy

    The Trinitarian Formula in Baptism

    Due to a recent thread discussing Oneness Pentecostalism the subject of the proper baptismal formula came up with some contending that the Trinitarian formula wasn't necessary. 1. Do you feel the using the Trinitarian formula is necessary? 2. Would do we make of those who have been not been...
  22. Grillsy

    Baptism as a seal.

    In the Westminster Standards. We argue that baptism is a sign and seal. I know what my answer would be and what I have learned reading Puritans and certain Reformers. However I have heard varying answers as to just what is meant by a "seal" by others in the paedobaptist camp. As I am a...
  23. C

    Why do paedobaptists baptize female infants?

    Hello all, So I've been studying paedobaptism for a while now and I am listening to William Shishko's series in Christian Baptism (highly recommended, regardless of your persuasion). Here is one thing I haven't figured out. Why are female infants baptized? In the OT circumcision rites, only...
  24. C

    Unbelievers in New Covenant using Hebrews 10 and other verses

    I am studying paedobaptism right now (and currently coming from a credobaptist perspective) and watched a video discussing paedobaptism by Richard Pratt. He mentioned unbelievers being in the new covenant and used Hebrews 10 (v 28-31 I believe) to support this view. I know that the...
  25. eqdj

    Scriptural Support for Paedobaptism

    I have books on the history of baptism, but I would like to read the scriptural supports for paedobaptism. I've only been here for about two months, so please forgive me if this has already been addressed in another thread. Thank you. Oh, and i'm referring to the historic orthodox...
  26. Quickened

    Validity of Baptism

    From what i have seen and learned there can be times in the credo community where a person would either be rebaptized (perhaps not recognizing the RC baptism) or perhaps baptized multiple times throughout a life (perhaps after the repentance of what would be deemed a major sin). Would...
  27. MamaArcher

    PaedoCommunion: Can Someone Give me a Sound Explanation?

    I am not brand new to the Reformed Faith but am definitely not seasoned yet. :D My wording may be elementary here...but... Can someone explain to me why when speaking of covenantal continuance (??) circumcision is replaced by baptism and Passover by the Lord's Supper BUT only baptism...
  28. goretorade

    I am rethinking becoming Credo! (for Baptists)

    I have been rethinking my baptism view lately, and have come to a point were I am not sure if I truly believe that the children of believing parent(s) should be baptize. I am pretty sure I know the ends and outs of both sides, but the linchpin for me is that I am not sure if I see a two-fold...
  29. goretorade

    I am rethinking being Credo! (for Paedobaptists)

    I have been rethinking my baptism view lately, and have come to a point were I am not sure if I truly believe that the children of believing parent(s) should be baptize. I am pretty sure I know the ends and outs of both sides, but the linchpin for me is that I am not sure if I see a two-fold...
  30. Semper Fidelis

    Introducing the Credo-Baptism Answers forum

    I've created this sub-forum to be a non-debating area for members to ask questions and receive clarification on the confessional understanding of the Ordinance of Baptism from Credo-Bapists only.