1. T

    Webster's Bible (1833)

    Does anyone have any experience with "Webster's Bible" (published in 1833)? I have become increasingly interested in the man Noah Webster—Founding Father, legislator, lexicographer, and thoroughgoing Calvinist. I am particularly interested in the very light revision he did to the "Common...
  2. R

    More systematic than the Bible?

    "I have long come to the conclusion that men may be more systematic in their statements than the Bible, and may be led into grave error by idolatrous veneration of a system." J.C. Ryle Pithy Gems :)
  3. T

    Unitarian Bias in the ASV (1901)

    I have always been interested in comparing Bible translations. And I have always appreciated the American Standard Version (1901). Some of my favorite theologians and pastors use(d) it (e.g., Morton Smith, Greg Bahnsen, and Al Martin). I felt that, as far as study goes, it is very useful...
  4. InerrantBible

    Christian Leaders Institute free Bible school

    Hello everyone. I stumbled on Christian Leaders Institute a few years ago (I think), but I quickly lost interest. I stumbled on Christian Leaders Institute again in August of 2020 while I was searching for "free online seminary classes." CLI calls itself a Bible school that offers free...
  5. G

    Berean Bible Translation(s)

    Yes, plural! The study translation (BSB) has been finalized and made available online at BibleHub. Print copies are slated for later in the year and the online release of the entire literal translation (BLB) is scheduled for January 2021. The BLB's New Testament draft is...
  6. B.L.

    Price of Premium Bibles on the Rise

    Morning, I'm not sure how many on the board enjoy the craftsmanship of an heirloom quality Bible, but I've noticed over the past year the prices of premium Bibles have increased substantially. Specifically, the prices of Bibles offered by Cambridge, R.L. Allan, and Schuyler are what I have in...
  7. SolusChristus1646

    Best Reformed Bible Dictionaries?

    Happy Lord's Day. I've seen a thread on here that is already closed dealing with reformed Bible Dictionaries but it didn't seem to give a clear-cut answer as to which maybe the top three Reformed Bible dictionaries are. Looking for some insight on this if anyone knows which ones are best. Thanks!
  8. B.L.

    New Bible: KJV Thompson Chain in Black Water Buffalo

    Morning, In God's goodness to me I celebrated another year of life earlier this month and to mark the occasion I purchased a new Bible from Church Bible Publishers (CBP) using the gift cards family sent. I don't have much need for another Bible, but I couldn't resist after listening to my...
  9. C

    Reading out of JUST ONE Bible?

    I try to read my Bible very broadly and in large chunks in order to help ingrain the overall narrative and arc of the Bible, and over the last few years I have found myself reading mainly out of one particular Bible. However, I love Bibles and have several nice editions and was curious what...
  10. N

    Is Trinity Theological Seminary Changing For The Better?

    I've noticed a lot of threads on here that seem to believe that Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary is of a lowly caliber and a degree mill. I would have to urgently disagree as someone who attended Calvary Chapel Bible College and transferred into trinity. I finished my BA and...
  11. C. Matthew McMahon

    Maybe the Best Bible I've Ever Owned

    I bought a Schuyler KJV Canterbury Bible. Brown, Goatskin, made better than "extremely well." No ghosting through the pages, with references at the bottom of the page. The font is a perfect size for me. The drop caps are decorative, and the color of the ink is easy on the eyes. The pages are...
  12. Travis Fentiman

    Bible Dictionaries & Church History Encyclopedias Online

    Friends, There is world of great resources on the net that is little taken advantage of. Reformed Books Online now has a page of Bible, theological and Church history dictionaries and encyclopedias that will go far in answering most questions about the Bible and Church history. They just...
  13. Jonathan95

    Are my girlfriend and I unequally yoked?

    I met my girlfriend online back in May. She was living in California at the time and now she moved out here to Boston for work and to try and make things work with me. She is an incredible Christian woman although we disagree on things which I think is a big deal. She continues to say that I am...
  14. John P

    Works of John Gill online free for download

    So, I didn't really know the best place to put this, so I decided to place it here. Feel free to correct me for the future since I have found a bunch of high quality free downloads of classic commentaries that I plan to give the links to. Anywho, I found many of the works of John Gill available...
  15. sojourner

    The Reformation Study Bible

    Hello brothers and sis! Finally I got The Reformation Study Bible. But it is not the new edition 2015. In my country it costs around 2700 thousand (quite expensive) since it is leather bound. The Reformation bookstore in a nearby city here still doesn't carry the new edition, so its better to have...
  16. calvinich

    Puritan Commentaries/Expositions on Leviticus

    What would be some of the best or most popular Puritan commentaries/expositions on Leviticus?
  17. U

    Where can I find a reasonably priced copy of the Louis Segond French Bible?

    Does anyone know where I can find a reasonably priced physical copy of the French Bible translated by Louis Segond? Thank you.
  18. jandrusk

    Geneva Bible & KJV

    According to Geneva Bible - The Bible that Changed the World they say, "Recognizing that the Geneva Bible and its notes were undermining the authority of the monarchy, King James I of England commissioned the "Authorized Version," commonly known as the King James Bible, as its replacement. The...
  19. chatwithstumac

    Bring Your Bible To Church or Smartphone/Tablet?

    Brothers and Sisters, Is it common for your congregation to read the Word during services with a smartphone or tablet or some other device with a screen? For me, I have a tablet that has the Bible on it but have never felt right to bring it to Church. As technology grows, will our...
  20. Matthew1344

    Revelation 12:7, Edwards, Calvin, Michael, & Jesus????

    Now war arose in heaven, Michael and his angels fighting against the dragon. And the dragon and his angels fought back, -Revelation 12:7 Did Edwards and Calvin believe that Michael is Jesus? Satan has ever had a peculiar enmity against the Son of God. Probably his first rebellion, which...
  21. jbergsing


    I've been away from the board, and my faith, for some time. Got burned at the only local reformed church in my area by a few members acting "not-so-Christlike". After a time and hoping to resolve the issue with the individuals, I simply gave up and walked away. But it I've been feeling God...
  22. Office Hours

    Office Hours - The Sermon to the Hebrews: "Jesus is Really Better"

    The Season 4 series of Office Hours entitled "Jesus is Really Better" is past the halfway mark! If you haven't been tuning in, now is the time to do so! Grab your bible and follow along with our host, Dr. R. Scott Clark and various Professors of Westminster Seminary California. Introduction...
  23. Ask Mr. Religion

    Lexham English Bible for Kindle

    I converted the epub version of the LEB to a mobi file for use on my Kindle Fire. Interested persons can download the mobi version here. AMR
  24. reformedman

    ASV 1901 and the Greek and throw in some GoatSkin

    Hey everyone, I wonder if anyone knows of a site that will take particular designs requests for the construction of a Bible. I'd like to get the Septuagint and NT Greek to be side by side or top-bottom with the ASV version. To make things even more difficult, I'd like it wrapped in goat if...
  25. C

    Recommended Audio Presentation of the Bible?

    So I've been looking at various audio presentations of the Bible. I don't like dramatic ones (light music and forceful reading are fine, but no Hollywood productions). I'm not a fan of the Listener's Bible by Max MacLean (regardless of translation; he reading speed is inconsistent, has awkward...
  26. Augusta

    KJB movie marking the 400 yr anniversary of the KJV of the bible.

    Has anyone heard anything good or bad about this movie. I don't know if it is supposed to be released in theaters since it is available on AmazonUK. YouTube - KJB - the Book that Changed the World
  27. reformedman

    Online Bachelor's Degree

    I wonder if anyone has a suggestion. I am coming up to some free time at home but do still need to work full time and rear the children but with the bit of time that I will have during the day I would like to go back to school and get a Bachelor's degree. I would like to study Bible more...
  28. C

    Spirit of the Reformation vs Reformation Study Bible vs ESV Study Bible

    Just curious which study Bible you prefer based on the NOTES not on the translation? Why?
  29. D

    Revelation 22:18-19 - Referring to the whole Bible, or just Revelation?

    This is something I've wondered about for a while, but is probably a silly question. These verses are occasionally used as Scriptural proof against modifying any part of the Bible. That should be common sense, but looking at the context, it seems that these verses can only be talking about...
  30. Eoghan

    Would you use this in church?

    Fed up with trying to balance your Bible on your left leg while taking notes on your right leg? Has your Bible crashed to the floor creasing those pages? Then read on for the solution! I found this in IKEA for £9.99 ($15) and used it last Sunday. It is ideal to put those big study bibles...