1. SovereignGraceBaptist

    Most exhaustive theological book refuted free will?

    Most Exhaustive Book Refuting Freewill I have Pinks Sovereignty of God and Edwards Freedom of the Will. I feel as if these books are great but what I am looking for is something that is more thorough in refuting modern day evangelical Arminianism scripturally. I am looking for a book that...
  2. alexanderjames

    The charge against Calvin - God and evil

    This is not something new. It’s the charge that John Calvin taught that God commands or controls evil in Satan, demons and the wicked, and therefore blasphemously calls God as the author of evil. I was in debate with someone regarding the interpretation of Calvin on this matter, namely in his...
  3. Travis Fentiman

    Calvin & Beza on Providence: Translated by Knox

    Two brief but valuable pieces on Providence by Calvin and Beza were translated from French and Latin by John Knox. However as they have laid in the midst of Knox’s massive volume on Predestination in very old and difficult English (even in the latest reprint of Knox’s Works), few people it...
  4. TryingToLearn

    Communication of the Divine essence to the Son?

    I'm going through the course on Van Til's Trinitarian Theology at Reformed Forum and Dr. Lane Tipton was talking about how Van Til sided with Calvin and Warfield in denying that the divine essence is communicated to the Son in eternal generation. He also mentioned this isn't the majority view of...
  5. Charles Johnson

    Anselm, Calvin, Bullinger, Olevian, Dickson, Fergusson, MH on mediatorial kingship

    Hi all, I wrote an article with quotes from these men and a few others on the doctrine of mediatorial kingship - for some of them, it's the first time these sections have been translated into English. Unfortunately, when I tried to post it on facebook, their spam filter blacklisted my blog, so...
  6. S

    Are Calvinists Augustinian?
  7. N

    Question About Luther

    I was listening to a thing earlier from a site I have shared before on this forum. The guy, Jim, said that Luther still prayed to Mary and would have remained a Catholic had the RCs done away with selling indulgences. Has anyone here studied Luther extensively? Is this the case? Did Luther...
  8. T

    Psautier de Genève (Genevan Psalter)

    This website has the complete Genevan Psalter in French. It is the slightly revised version done by Valentin Conrart in 1729. Some of the 1587 versions are also available. The same website has a link to this website of quotations and prayers of men such as...
  9. SebastianClinciuJJ

    Looking for the source of a quotation of Hilary [of Poitiers?]

    In his work, Articuli a facilitate s. theologiae Parisiensi determinati super materiis fidei nostrae hodie controversis. Cum Antidoto (eng: Articles of Sacred Theology of Paris & the Antidote), Calvin qoutes Hilary (I think it's Hilary of Poitiers) as saying: CR gives the following source...
  10. Regi Addictissimus

    The Works of Calvin and Knox are on sale!

    Banner of Truth is having a Reformation Day sale. There are some really good deals. The two most exciting are the works of Knox and the "Tracts and Letters" of Calvin. They are both on sale at around $100 a piece. I have been eying both for some time. Does anyone have either set that can comment...
  11. Regi Addictissimus

    Calvin's Institutes: 1541 edition vs the final edition.

    Good day. I know there have been a few older threads about the different translations of the Institutes. Now that the 1541 edition has been out for sometime, I am wondering if anyone has read this one along with his final edition and compared them. I presently only own the 1541 edition published...
  12. ccravens

    Help on which set of Calvin's Commentaries to purchase

    Hello, I am wanting to purchase a set of Calvin's commentaries. I have a few individual volumes already, and so need to choose between these 2 sets, each of which I already have a few volumes: *Eerdmans 1965 (Calvin's New Testament Commentaries) *Eerdmans (no year? blue plain binding)...
  13. Logan

    Kindle - Sermons on Psalm 46 and 48 by John Calvin

    I posted about this recently but what is exciting about this is that these three sermons have not been republished in any form since 1562. Here they have been updated in spelling and punctuation only and remain remarkably clear and readable. What makes these particular sermons even more special...
  14. Logan

    Kindle - Sermons on Titus by Calvin

    Starting with the Banner of Truth facsimile of the 16th century edition of seventeen sermons, this edition was completely typed up, spelling standardized, and proofed, by my wife and myself in 2014. It was the first truly new version of these sermons since 1574. It has largely been superseded by...
  15. Logan

    Republished Calvin's Sermons on Psalm 46

    Technically it is two sermons on Psalm 46 and one on Psalm 48, but the history of these sermons is truly remarkable: In 1560 the city of Geneva was alarmed that the city would soon be under attack by her enemies, soldiers were being amassed and the people were in turmoil. Calvin broke from his...
  16. Logan

    Comprehensive List of Calvin's Sermons in English

    A while back I was trying to track down more of Calvin's sermons and found they were spread across multiple publishers (with Banner of Truth being the forerunner) and there just didn't seem to be a lot of information out there. So I put together a list. I've indexed it by scripture passages as...
  17. Logan

    Help finding Calvin's Sermons in English

    I have collected a considerable list of Calvin's sermons that have been published (and republished) in English, but wanted to ask if there might be any others that I am unaware of. If anyone has any additional information it would be greatly appreciated. My current list is as follows: 1. (1561)...
  18. NaphtaliPress

    John Calvin Preached on Epiphany

    That great defender of the liturgical calendar John Calvin :rolleyes: also preached ‘on’ Epiphany (January 6, 1551, just days after his famous and often referenced sermon from the same Book of Micah on December 25, 1550/51—the first of the year at that time), because it was a normal weekday...
  19. A

    Churches Among the Papists

    I am a bit confused. Is Calvin saying that there are true churches among the Papists or not? Maybe I am missing distinctions he is making? "12. Therefore, while we are unwilling simply to concede the name of Church to the Papists, we do not deny that there are churches among them. The...
  20. U

    Calvinism and Foundations of America? Any books?

    Hello, My brother is an unbeliever who is engrossed in libertarian, freedom/liberty, anti-government, and some conspiracy beliefs. I have been seeing quotes on the internet about John Calvin's (hence, Calvinism's) huge impact in the formation of the United States of America and...
  21. Matthew1344

    Revelation 12:7, Edwards, Calvin, Michael, & Jesus????

    Now war arose in heaven, Michael and his angels fighting against the dragon. And the dragon and his angels fought back, -Revelation 12:7 Did Edwards and Calvin believe that Michael is Jesus? Satan has ever had a peculiar enmity against the Son of God. Probably his first rebellion, which...
  22. reformedman

    Eerdmans NICOT and NICNT

    So far I have Nhum Zephaniah Habakkuk, John, Acts, Romans, Colossians Philemon Ephesians, and Hebrews. I was wondering how this entire set (including those I have not purchased yet), rate against say Kistemaker or Calvin's. I was considering completing the set but if my Kistemaker or Calvin...
  23. eqdj

    Calvin's Institutes 4.16.20-24

    Reformation 21 is blogging through Calvin's Institutes this year. You can find their reading plan here. In 4.16.20 Calvin appeals to the Abrahamic command, as a means of raising difficulties for critics of paedobaptism: But here Calvin insists on a false dilemma. Why can’t the command of...
  24. eqdj

    Calvin's Institutes 4.16.14-19

    Reformation 21 is blogging through Calvin's Institutes this year. You can find their reading plan here. In 4.16.16, Calvin writes: But if “it cannot be doubted that it was appointed alike for the sanctification of males and females,” why was there need for a new sign, explicitly applied...
  25. eqdj

    Calvin's Institutes 4.16.7-13

    Reformation 21 is blogging through Calvin's Institutes this year. You can find their reading plan here. In 4.16.10 Calvin writes about that critics of paedobaptism are pressed with: But this is incorrect. The Baptist does not have to say that the one has nothing in common with the other, or...
  26. Grillsy

    Calvin and Baptismal Regeneration

    Some members of my church recently attended a seminar at a local Baptist church dealing with John Calvin. There, much to the shock and dismay of my fellow Presbyterian churchmen, they claimed that Calvin believed in Baptismal regeneration. It is true that some of his statements do seem to...
  27. sastark

    Biola's Home Page

    Thought you all might get a kick out of this. I went to my school's web site today and this is what I find on the home page: Go Eagles!
  28. C

    Calvin, Interpretation of Haggai 2:6-9

    6 "This is what the LORD Almighty says: 'In a little while I will once more shake the heavens and the earth, the sea and the dry land. 7 I will shake all nations, and the desired of all nations will come, and I will fill this house with glory,' says the LORD Almighty. 8 'The silver is mine and...
  29. sastark

    Help with Calvin Review

    All, I have been asked to participate in a "panel-type discussion" on a local Christian Radio program (the radio show, for those of you in Southern California or who subscribe to their podcasts) this Friday night. The topic is "John Calvin". Can anyone suggest some resources...
  30. RoderickE

    Calvin 1509-2009

    With the 500 year commemoration of Calvin coming up in July, I have been trying to spread the news. I really think Reformed theology is making a come back. People are getting tired of the ear & heart candy of McLaren, McKnight, & Bell types. Support the cause! TKC Media Gallery