1. Taylor

    Dining Out on the Lord’s Day

    My good brother Ron DiGiacomo wrote an excellent piece regarding the Sabbath that I think would be helpful to many here. It has become increasingly difficult to get people to understand the import of the Lord’s Day when it comes to eating out at restaurants, especially here in the South where...
  2. Travis Fentiman

    Recreation on the Lord's Day

    As the whole of the Lord’s Day is to be set apart unto the immediate service of the Lord and spiritual duties, apart from necessities, so Isa. 58:13-14 says that: “If thou turn away thy foot from… doing thy pleasure on my holy day… Then shalt thou delight thyself in the Lord…” Hence...
  3. S

    The Sabbath According to the Jews

    I am trying to study the Sabbath more closely, and as I’m reading some of the puritans and even Thomas Aquinas, I became interested in seeing what the Jews have thought about it over the past 2000 years. Is anyone familiar with the major works that Jewish philosophers or theologians or thinkers...
  4. Knecht Christi

    Are Live-Streamed Services to Be Considered Public Worship?

    Greetings brothers, In light of COVOID-19, there are many cancellations of public worship services and/or at risk Christians that ought to stay at home. As such, many of us will be watching live streamed services with our families. This is categorically difficult for me, and there aren't a...
  5. Jonathan95

    My church will not be holding regular service this upcoming weekend.

    This is a strange thing to me. Apparently, every year on the Sunday during the week of Christmas, my church holds a potluck instead of regular service. So no sermon, nor worship. Just a get together in the space that we rent to sit, eat, and talk together. I am not sure why I find this...
  6. Andrew35

    Question I've always wondered

    Here's a question set I've always wondered since considering and then becoming Presbyterian that I haven't found an answer for yet. If it seems obvious to you, just go ahead and humor me, if you please: Question 1: What exactly was binding about the nature of the Sabbath (as part of the Moral Law) to...
  7. Logan

    Puritans and long journeys

    I have a question that I've been pondering for a bit, more of a historical curiosity and I wondered if anyone had come across something that would be helpful. Generally, for much of the world's history, places were far apart and to cross them one would have to deal with a Sabbath while...
  8. RobertPGH1981

    Elder Requirements with Attendence

    Hello All, I am looking for guidance on Elder Requirements without appealing to the Sabbath commandments. Some Baptist congregations view the Sabbath as being fulfilled in Christ, in which the requirement becomes a matter of Christian conscience rather than direct commandment. Those with this...
  9. Travis Fentiman

    When Does the Sabbath Begin?

    Friends, When Does the Sabbath Begin? In the most comprehensive treatment to-date on the subject, I argue in this academic article from Scripture that the Sabbath has always been from dawn-to-dawn since Creation throughout the Bible, without exception. Fentiman, Travis – The Biblical Sabbath...
  10. Logan

    Kindle - To Those Who Profane The Lord's Day

    This is a new release of Matthew Henry's pastoral, yet convicting treatise for those who do not keep the Lord's Day and for those who imagine they do. Unabridged and lightly edited by Jon Norman (for ease of reading). His introduction: Kindle link
  11. SRoper

    "We no longer know which day is Sunday" objection to the Lord's Day

    One objection to the observance of the Lord's Day as the prescribed day for worship I have seen raised is that at some point we have lost track of the days of the week. We have either inserted or omitted a day and we no longer know for sure which day is the first day of the week. Therefore, God...
  12. Logan

    Kindle - Keep It Holy! A Tract on the Sabbath by JC Ryle, Foreword by Daniel Ritchie

    Also posted about recently, this is one of the best short treatments on the Sabbath that I can recommend. Daniel Ritchie (Reformed Covenanter on the boards) recommended it and was kind enough to write a foreword for this edition. Kindle link Nook link Kobo link
  13. M

    Seventh day adventism - books

    I've became friends with a Seventh Day Adventist who really takes his denomination's theology seriously. He tried to convince me that the Constantine changed the worship day to Sunday. I would like for anyone to recommend books on the following two topics, so I may choose one and give as a...
  14. NaphtaliPress

    Extract: True Doctrine of the Sabbath by Nicholas Bownd 2017-01-11

    84 page extract of Nicholas Bownd's Sabbathum Veteris Et Novi Testamenti: or, The True Doctrine of the Sabbath (Reformation Heritage Books & Naphtali Press, 2015).The full work is on sale at the link where the pdf is posted for download and also at Reformation Heritage Books. No book had more...
  15. brendanchatt

    Sermons 08/07/2016

    Please share about the sermon(s) you heard at church this week... I was visiting family and heard a sermon on the Sabbath based on Genesis 1 and also a passage from Luke 12. The focus was why it should be observed and how to think of it. The completion of creation and redemption were...
  16. brendanchatt

    Sermons on Luke 14

    Today my pastor preached on Luke 14 morning and evening. He is going through Luke. The morning was about inviting the needy to feast so that your reward is in heaven because they can't reciprocate. He was saying that we are the needy invited to Christ's banquet and are compelled to ask "why...
  17. brendanchatt

    Sermons 07/17/2016

    Hi all, Go ahead and post about this week's sermon(s). I'll try to post about my church's soon. Also, give feedback about this recurring thread. I'm glad to have found and brought attention to this sub-forum, "Meditating on the Preached Word." If you'd like to continue having a weekly...
  18. brendanchatt

    Sermons 07/10/2016

    Hi all, Please post about this week's sermon(s) if you'd like.
  19. brendanchatt

    Sermons 07/03/2016

    Hi there, If you'd like to post about today's sermon(s), please do. I'll try to post about my church's later this evening.
  20. brendanchatt

    Sermons 06/26/2016

    Hello, This morning my pastor preached on Luke 12:35ff, which he taught was about readiness, or watchfulness. Please post about the sermon(s) you heard at church this week!
  21. brendanchatt

    Sermons 06/19/2016

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  22. brendanchatt

    Sermons 06/12/2016

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  23. brendanchatt

    Sermons 06/05/2016

    Hey, Please post about the sermon(s) you heard this week at church. I'd especially like to hear from laypeople like myself, in addition to ministers. I may make a post soon.
  24. brendanchatt

    Sermons 05/29/2016

    Hi all, This is a thread for posting about the sermon(s) you heard this week at church. I'll start by saying this evening the pastor preached from Luke 11:14ff, where Christ cast out a dumb man's demon. He well explained the "heart responses" of those present, and well explained Christ's...
  25. brendanchatt

    Sermons 05/22/2016

    Hello, If you would like, go ahead and post about this weeks sermon(s), and feel free to have discussions.
  26. brendanchatt

    Sermons 05/15/2016

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  27. brendanchatt

    Sermons 05/08/2016

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  28. brendanchatt

    Sermons 05/01/2016

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  29. brendanchatt

    Sermons 04/24/2016

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  30. brendanchatt

    Sermons 04/17/2016

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