Help with breakfast ideas

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Burrito Bill
Oh, the variety of breakfast opportunities...

Fresh popovers are absurdly easy to bake yet quite yummy with butter and/or jelly.

Quiche is also easy, though it might be a time-saver to make the crust the night before (or buy one pre-made). I typically make a simple pastry crust, baked for 15 minutes or so before I fill it. I've never had to freeze a quiche.

Some cheese, scrambled eggs, maybe a bit of meats, some salsa, wrap it all in a tortilla and voila! Instant breakfast burritos!

Blintzes are another nice and easy breakfast. Make a thin batter pancake, put a big wad of cottage cheese in the center, roll it up and drizzle with a fruit sauce or jam.

Here's an easy- take an English muffin, put a fried egg in it, along with a slab of cheese and perhaps a slice of sandwich ham. It's cheaper than McDonalds.

Or try a breakfast casserole. lay a few sausage patties in a 9X13 and cover with a goop made from shredded potatoes, cheese, onions and cream of mushroom soup. Bake 'til browned (Google for 'toads in the hole' for more info).



Puritan Board Doctor
Take a baked potato & split it in half.

Scoop out the inside of each half.

Crack an egg into the scooped out portion.

Sprinkle cheese, bacon bits, whatever on top of the egg.

Bake for 15-20 min in 350 oven.


Puritan Board Freshman
I am stuck in a serious rut when it comes to making breakfast... I usually fall back on eggs and hashbrowns. :um:

A rösti is similar to hashbrowns, but you can put cheese inside. I like mine with rosemary.

Quick and easy is the key. Or frozen.

How about something you start the night before? Like: Alton Brown's Overnight Oatmeal or congee.

We have to limit sausage/bacon for health concerns, cereals (hot/cold) don't got over too well, sweet/sugary things aren't really an option (except for fruits)... I need help!

Is pizza okay? You could have lunch or dinner for breakfast instead. ;)

Eliminating bacon, eggs, potatoes, and cereals really limits your options when you consider what the traditional breakfasts choices are. And most donuts, danishes, and such like are out of the question if you want to limit your sugar intake.


We love popovers. I'll second that recommendation. A puff pancake is a cross between a pancake and a popover. The very same ingredients, just a different amount of eggs.

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Another suggestion:

Creamed Chip Beef on Toast!!!!

I love this but it's probably not the most healthy of suggestions.

Furthermore, Stouffer's makes a frozen version and it's cheap. You can keep a few boxes in the freezer. When Casey want's something different he can pull out the bag, slice a small hole in it, but it in the microwave, make some toast and then marry the two. Yummy!

I also enjoy creamed eggs on toast when I was growing up. Bother's my stomach these days.


Puritan Board Freshman
okay... my stomach is officially growling now! Thanks for the great ideas! :) This morning was a small Cornish pasty and eggs. Nice to get some new ideas - I really hate it when I'm stuck in a rut with cooking options! Thanks to everyone who participated in improving my repertoire... even to those who endorse grits.


Puritan Board Freshman
Follow the directions on the package. :D

I know this sounds like a sarcastic reply, but I'm notorious for not following directions when it comes to cooking. While I admit using prepared hash browns isn't exactly "cooking"... they work great at 5 am... if you are awake enough to follow the directions! lol Small amount of oil, heated (no butter, burns too easily) put frozen patty in, cover, checking on occasion to make sure it's not getting too dark (doesn't take long). Flip when 1st side is brown. At this point I pull the lid off (which was there to heat it enough so the middle is hot.) Brown second side. Voila! Breakfast a la simplicite.


Puritan Board Doctor
Hashed Browns are easy. Take baked or hard boiled potatoes when they are cool. Shred them. Get some lard or butter hot in a skillet. Spread the potatoes into the skillet. Turn them after the bottom is brown and crunchy. Let the former top brown. They are done.

Don't stir them around too much or they will fall apart. You may need to add more butter or lard when you flip them. They cook easiest in cast iron. (As does most food.)
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