Jay Adams (1929-2020)


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I didn’t know that the Institute for Nouthetic Studies had merged with Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary.

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I took the 2yr INS counseling course in Moore, SC in the early 2000s post-seminary, where I met and learned from Jay Adams and the other staff. The course was designed to give students everything to prepare academically for national exam and recognition (NANC), with the exception of the many practical hours (supervised counseling) required of applicants in order to be certified by them.

I never sought a NANC credential, though I did audit additional coursework from another nearby extension training center in northeast OH when I lived there a few years later. I kept being pleasantly surprised over the years whenever I heard of Adams, still alive, still putting out material. It's been over 15yrs since I last saw him or spoke to him, just one of many students who went in and out before him.

"Well done, good and faithful servant."


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Dr. Adams closely mentored my first pastor and came up with the blueprint we followed as a church plant. He is known for counseling, but he also deeply loved and advanced the church.


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His work has had a great influence on my own life and ministry. I am grateful to the Lord for him.
Thankful he now rests in the presence of his blessed Savior.


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His book on nouthetic counseling was required reading at my Bible college. It has proven helpful over the years. Brother Adams is now in the presence of the greatest of all counselors.