1. R

    Puritans on apparitions, ghosts, demons etc.

    Hi All, Wondering what are your thoughts on what some call Puritan superstitions regarding apparitions etc. The puritans believed anyone that rejected these activities was a sadducee or unbeliever. Richard Baxter has a book on the topic that you can find online. Just search Richard Baxter...
  2. Taylor

    John Owen's Works, Read Systematically

    There are many people I so wish had written a proper systematic theology. I wish John Murray had; I wish Jonathan Edwards had; I wish Cornelius Van Til had. The one I most wish had written one, though, is John Owen. A year or so ago, I purchased the entire works of Owen (including his Hebrews...
  3. C. Matthew McMahon

    John Kettlewell (1653–1695) Explains the Nature of Being Obedient to Jesus Christ

    The Christian’s Deliverance by Christ and the Nature of Practical Religion by John Kettlewell (1653–1695) John Kettlewell (1653–1695) was an English Divine and powerful preacher of Christ’s Gospel. It was said of him that he was as “saint-like a man” as one ever knew. His voluminous works...
  4. TheReppingRev

    Symbolism and Cultural Distinctives of The Puritans

    Hello all, I was wondering if there were any cultural distinctives within the Puritan movement, symbolism that they held to, symbols, greetings, verbiage, etc. Every group of devout faith has held to certain distinctives, even outside of theological ones. Just curious to what there may have...
  5. P

    Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

    Gents, I've just been accepted into Puritan's MDiv program. Praise God! For those of you who know the school/studied there, what's your experience been of the piety, academics, and recognition of the seminary? Thanks! PS: I've been accepted into PRTS, RTS, and GPTS, and will be enrolling at...
  6. C. Matthew McMahon

    Have You Ever Done a Great Wrong to the Devil?

    "Doing the devil a great wrong...." Have you ever heard someone say that? I'm not sure in my readings of the venerable dead, that I ever heard one of them say that, however, blame wrongly given is sin (its a lie). Here is Richard Capel again on that point, "Our heart does not stand free from...
  7. M

    Puritan commentary on Proverbs?

    Are there puritan commentaries on the book of Proverbs, preferably devotional ones? I'm not looking for a critical or exegetical commentary, but a devotional one. Any recomendations are welcome.
  8. Travis Fentiman

    Resources Available - Keeping the Lord's Day

    Friends, In light of the recent Super Bowl, how are we to keep the Lord's Day holy? What are the practical nuts and bolts of it? Is our main focus upon enjoying and worshipping the Lord only for public worship in the morning, or is it to extend to the whole day? Is it ok to eat out at...
  9. jamessh1990

    15% off all online stock

    We are now offering 15% discounts on orders made through our website. All you need to do is review any new book on our site to qualify. The discount can be used towards anything. You will be emailed the discount code once the review has been written. https://jamesdicksonbooks.com/
  10. jamessh1990

    Books by Samuel Rutherford

    We have just issued a new catalogue of second hand & antiquarian Reformed Theological books. Included, amongst others, are few Samuel Rutherford 1st editions, most of which haven't been reprinted. View and download it here; https://jamesdicksonbooks.com/current-catalogue/
  11. jamessh1990

    American Religion | Puritan Fathers, Johnathan Edwards, The Great Awakening etc.

    We have more sets of American Religion: Literary Sources and Documents available. RRP £235.00 for £25.00 Edited By David Turley. Helm-1998. 3 volumes, over 1500pp With frontispiece map of New England by Cotton Mather & 18 other illustrations. 185 document selections give a...
  12. Z

    Artwork Question

    vs. What sayeth ye? Can my design sell?
  13. SinnerSavedByChrist

    THOMAS MANTON Vol 6 $10 at Fishpond.com.au - Good deal?

    Dear brethren, Came across this last week. Volume 6 has some sermons on psalm 119. Just letting you guys know of a good deal in case anyone wanted to taste Manton before diving into buying more of him. (I haven't tasted Manton yet, but have heard much good things said). Going to grab myself a...
  14. F

    Best place to in Richard Sibbes?

    (I know this question has been asked before here, but I thought I'd ask again since it's been a few years. So I thought I'd get fresh members since then and an updated reply!) I recently acquired the Works of Richard Sibbes and was wondering what's the best place to start? I've read the...
  15. C. Matthew McMahon

    Vindiciae Foederis, A Treatise of the Covenant of God with Mankind

    I've been working on a 700 page monster by Rev. Thomas Blake on covenant theology. We simply cannot have enough good CT books out there. It is a quintessential Westminster view and a really great work overall. It is finally "done". Vindiciae Foederis, A Treatise of the Covenant of God...