How do you PB well?

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I'm a PB newbie--all of a month.

But to be quite honest, all of the great material on this bb is gloriously intimidating. I could spend countless hours enjoyably reading old stuff much less participating in active conversations.

I was wondering how some of you PB veterans, especially pastors, balance your time reading and participating in the conversations here as to not infringe on other more important callings that God has placed on your life (ie sermon prep, pastoral duties, family, having a life)? How has the PB helped and informed your ministry? Has it had any negative effects you've had to correct?

Any counsel would be much appreciated.
Like all the internet, or other good things, you need to discipline yourself. The PB is like a big phone call. You can come in and out of the conversation any time.

I do not internet at the office. A good thing. Others can do that, and keep the PB in the background, and seldom pop in during work hours. Or type real fast, get in and out in 2 minutes.

At home, you need to prioritize. Don't let the PB dominate. It needs to be about #15 on a list of 20 things. I say this as one who has said far too many times: "I'll be right there, as soon as I'm finished typing!" Not a good priority. Few internet-thoughts are more important than your wife or kids, or mowing the lawn, or doing dishes, or having family devotions. But it is a big temptation to finish the thought. Or finish reading.
I 'PB' as a break in sermon prep when my brain is tired.

And I begin replies to all sorts of threads, then stop myself and hit 'delete'. THAT is an important thing to be able to do when it comes to managing self and time.
We tend to type some things we would hardly ever say in person.

Because of a prior relationship we would tone down many words when face to face talking with friends, but when typing on the PB on topics such as baptism and politics we forget that we are all ultimately on the same team.
Also, remember that the PB is privately owned and is not a church council. It is fallible and the mods make the best decisions that they are capable of.
I don't post all that much.

There are many threads that I would post a reply on if I were to catch the conversation early. Unfortunately by the time I think of how I might reply to the OP, it's gone far enough off on the proverbial rabbit-trail. "Timing is everything."
I have it run in the background during the day. A quick read or post is a welcome break from some VERY stressful days of late. At night, it is on when the television is running. So, again, no harm no foul.

For me, PB is my way of learning the culture, ethos, and even the inside talk of the Reformed community. My broad evangelical background left me ignorant of a lot of stuff. PB has been a post-graduate education in itself. Now that I am on a spiritual pilgrimage of sorts, PB is a wonderful companion.

Oh, more important practically: choose your threads to follow. There is no law that you must read every thread. You can be a more effective steward of time by being selective.
Oh, more important practically: choose your threads to follow. There is no law that you must read every thread. You can be a more effective steward of time by being selective.

Most excellent advice!
For some of us on the boards, it literally is a God-send (because of where we are). This is where I am fed spiritually, and I am truly thankful for it every day. I have physically met two of the members here and they are among the 'coolest' folks I think I will ever meet.

That being said, I probably spend too much time here. But in terms of spiritual growth, it has been and incredible blessing both to me and to my entire family.
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