1. brendanchatt

    Sermons 06/26/2016

    Hello, This morning my pastor preached on Luke 12:35ff, which he taught was about readiness, or watchfulness. Please post about the sermon(s) you heard at church this week!
  2. brendanchatt

    Sermons 06/05/2016

    Hey, Please post about the sermon(s) you heard this week at church. I'd especially like to hear from laypeople like myself, in addition to ministers. I may make a post soon.
  3. brendanchatt

    Sermons 05/29/2016

    Hi all, This is a thread for posting about the sermon(s) you heard this week at church. I'll start by saying this evening the pastor preached from Luke 11:14ff, where Christ cast out a dumb man's demon. He well explained the "heart responses" of those present, and well explained Christ's...
  4. brendanchatt

    Sermons 05/22/2016

    Hello, If you would like, go ahead and post about this weeks sermon(s), and feel free to have discussions.
  5. brendanchatt

    Sermons 05/15/2016

    Hello, Go ahead and post/dialogue about this week's sermon(s).
  6. brendanchatt

    Sermons 05/01/2016

    Hi there, Go ahead and post about this week's sermon(s).
  7. brendanchatt

    Sermons 04/24/2016

    Post here about this week's sermon(s).
  8. brendanchatt

    Sermons 04/17/2016

    Tell about the sermon or sermons... There is no need to wait until after an evening sermon.
  9. brendanchatt

    Sermons 04/10/2016

    Hi, Go ahead and post about the sermon(s) you heard today at church. I've decided to post this in the theological forum to suggest general theological discussion spawning from the sermons. - Brendan
  10. brendanchatt

    Your Church's Sermon - 04/03/2016

    Hey, would anyone like to share what the sermon was about at their church? Feel free to interact with one another's initial posts and encourage each other, etc...
  11. brendanchatt

    Sermons 03/27/2016

    What was the sermon about in your church today?
  12. brendanchatt

    Your church's sermon today

    What was your church's sermon today about? Please feel free to say the scripture text(s), the basic premise, or even something you just really appreciated... :)
  13. okcalvin

    ICEBOUND: Online chat prayer meeting at 7PM CST, Wed. 1/28

    Since our IRL / "in real life" prayer meeting was canceled for this evening due to icy conditions, we're having an online chat prayer meeting at 7 PM CST, Wed., 1/28/09. Contact me for a link if you are interested in participating. John Owen Butler ______________ Pastor-teacher Beal...