What Are You Reading?

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John M. Frame - [i:dfd470399d]The Doctrine of God[/i:dfd470399d] - Halfway through: man, this is a big book!

Ronald Nash - [i:dfd470399d]The Gospel and the Greeks[/i:dfd470399d] - I watched [i:dfd470399d]Troy[/i:dfd470399d] and just really felt in the mood for some Greeks stuff!

Garry Friesen - [i:dfd470399d]Decision Making and the Will of God[/i:dfd470399d] - I'm on pg. 10.

BTW: I heard that Ron Nash is an open-theist (at least, Norm Geisler calls him a "neotheist" in his [i:dfd470399d]Encyclopedia of Apologetics[/i:dfd470399d]. Can anyone confirm this for me?


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J. Gresham Machen's [u:268c583412]The Christian View of Man[/u:268c583412]

I have a horrible confession to make...this is actually the first book of his I have read. I love it! Why haven't his works been collected and published in a set?!

Thomas Halyburton Vol 1 of Works, [u:268c583412]Faith and Justification[/u:268c583412]

good stuff, so far; just started it. again, my first exposure to this Scot.

Have been reading Lloyd-Jones, Pink, Boice, and Ferguson on Sermon on the Mount for a series I have been preaching the last several months.



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Reading list

The One and the Many - R.J. Rushdoony
Foundations of Christian Scholarship - ed. North
The Printing Revolution in Early Modern Europe - Elizabeth L. Eisenstein
History of Greek Philosophy Vol. I - The Pre-Socratics - Guthrie


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"Rimbaud Complete" (Modern Library)

"Ficciones" by Jorge Luis Borges


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The abridged version of Augustine's City of God. Jsut about doen book 1, 21 more to go ;)



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BTW: I heard that Ron Nash is an open-theist (at least, Norm Geisler calls him a "neotheist" in his Encyclopedia of Apologetics. Can anyone confirm this for me?
Nope. He's Reformed. From what I've read, he's very sharp.


A few of my open books at the moment:

The God of the Bible and other gods - Lightner
Has Science got rid of God? - Blanchard
Preaching with spiritual vigour - Caphill
How Christian is Christian Counselling? - Almy


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Biblical Prophets
Marrow of Modern Divinity - Edward Fisher
Marrow of Theology - Dr. Ames
Paradigms in Polity - Hall
Band of Brothers


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Calvin's [i:9af9d4f2b4]Institutes, City of God, [/i:9af9d4f2b4]
Augustine's [i:9af9d4f2b4]City of God[/i:9af9d4f2b4]
James Sire's [i:9af9d4f2b4]Discipleship of the Mind[/i:9af9d4f2b4]
Greg Bahnsen's [i:9af9d4f2b4]Van Til's Apologetic: Readings and Analysis[/i:9af9d4f2b4]
Greg Bahnsen's [i:9af9d4f2b4]Theonomy and Christian Ethics[/i:9af9d4f2b4]
Abraham Kuyper's [i:9af9d4f2b4]Lectures on Calvinism[/i:9af9d4f2b4]


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Jacob...nice quote! at the bottom of your post...

Currently being overwhelmed by:

The Bondage of the Will -Martin Luther
The Last Days According to Jesus -R.C. Sproul
The Second American Revolution -John Whitehead
Glorious Freedom -Richard Sibbes
The Marrow of Theology -William Ames
Systematic Theology (Abridged) -Charles Hodge (ed. Edward Gross)
The Existence and Attributes of God -Stephen Charnock

I really want to get to Calvin's Institutes before the end of this summer but I have too much on my plate right now...


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Fair Sunshine - Jock Purves
Not A Chance - Sproul
Puritan Papers Volume 2
Pilgrim's Progress - Bunyan



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A.W. Pink's "The seven sayings of our Savior on the Cross."

Rosemary Jensen's "Praying the attributes of God."

Anything else is just filler when my brain needs a rest.


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Fiction wise, I just finished The Hobbit two days ago, and now I'm reading LOTR and The Divine Comedy.


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Finished [i:8c6cbf0b35]Bondage of the Will[/i:8c6cbf0b35]!
Warfield was right when he says that it has hands and feet!


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Curently reading:

Diary of David Brainerd - Edwards
A Body of Divinity - Thomas Watson

Enjoying both! :thumbup:


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[quote:11a0252e81][i:11a0252e81]Originally posted by Finn McCool[/i:11a0252e81]
Finished [i:11a0252e81]Bondage of the Will[/i:11a0252e81]!
Warfield was right when he says that it has hands and feet! [/quote:11a0252e81]

Hands and feet? Interesting! I don't know what that means, but that book was one of the most influential books in my library. It sealed the deal that made me a Calvinist.


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same here. Funny way to become Calvinistic, eh?

Right now I'm taking a bit of a break from theological books (not for long, though)

I'm reading through Hebrews, just finished 1 Timothy, 1 & 2 Peter, and am reading through the Westminster Confession. Oh, and I'm also trudging through Amos with a couple of commentaries. Very intersting book! Oh, and also reading sections of Calvin's Institutes. Basically, I want to read the Bible and compare it with what my church teaches and what Calvin taught. From the discussions of late on the board, I am finding some things "troubling". I'm a paedobaptist, but am finding my understanding of it to be a minority here. But, I'm also finding a weird trend from Reformed people toward doctrines of Rome. I really want to see what is Biblical, and what it is to be Reformed and avoid the superstitions and any other things that undermine the gospel and weed them out!


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The Excellent Wife

The Hobbit...with my children

Sense and Sensibility to be followed by The Third Sister

Just finished the first 3 books of the Shannondoah Sisters, A Thorn in My Heart, and the 3rd book of Abram's Daughters

Plan on getting back into Pilgrims Progress and Imitation of Christ



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I notice as your avitar you have a book cover from one of Michael Phillips series...Have you read that series? How do you like it?

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Yes, ma'am! That is a crop from the cover of Angels Watching Over Me, the first book in the Shenandoah Sisters (sorry, I spelled it wrong in the post above...I had a sleeping baby on my lap at the time). I can't wait to read the fourth book...I can't wait to collect the books! (I borrowed them)

My name is....
I am a book-a-holic...
I am not...nor ever will be...recovered...
I admit...I enjoy my addiction...



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[quote:6600d6daa7][i:6600d6daa7]Originally posted by Ianterrell[/i:6600d6daa7]

Hands and feet? Interesting! I don't know what that means, but that book was one of the most influential books in my library. It sealed the deal that made me a Calvinist. [/quote:6600d6daa7]

I didna give the entire quote. He means that it has the ability to grab you and absorb you. It is probably the second most influential book in my library.


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I know that I am reading at this time:

The Life and Times of Jesus The Messiah by Alfred Edersheim

Protestant Biblical Interpretation by Bernard Ramm ( I just finished it. It is really good and would highly recommend it for people who would like to begin breaking ground in hermanuetics).

How To Read A Book by Mortimer Adler (More than half way through, it again is a good read. I know the title sounds funny but it is actually very good. It certainly give the read food for thought)

The Autobiography of George Mueller (Excellent Book!!! Everyone should take the time to sit down and read it)

The Complete Works of Augustus Toplady (I just reading daily through the sermons it is actually pretty good)

The Letters of Samuel Rutherford (I use this as a good devotional read after Bible study... very thought provoking)

Poor Doubting Christian by author??? (I forgot the author, but I got this book off the Reformation CDs sold by Still Water Revival Ministry)

I know that it sounds like a have a lot to read, but I have actually allotted time and divided up my reading so it doesn't get lost.


D. Paul

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I just purchased from SGCR [b:5369ab7b66][i:5369ab7b66]Robert Hawker Poor Man Commentary[/i:5369ab7b66][/b:5369ab7b66]. I hope to gain much from it.


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Precious Remedies Against Satan's Devices - Thomas Brooks

Systematic Theology - Hodges - Volume 1: Theology

Anxiety Attacked - John MacArthur


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[i:cd3aa67a52]A Bruised Reed[/i:cd3aa67a52] by Richard Sibbes. Martyn Lloyd-Jones said this book soothed him during a down moment in his life. Having read his incredible 2-volume biography, courtesy of Iain Murray, I can say that I am going through something similar.

[i:cd3aa67a52]A Puritan Golden Treasury[/i:cd3aa67a52], ed. I D E Thomas.


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Right now:

By the Sword: A history of Gladiators, Musketeers, Samurai, Swashbucklers and Olympic Champions by Richard Cohen

The (very inaccurately named) Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. As a bedtime story for the kids (with occasional editing of course). Very funny stuff to read aloud.

Just finished:

Given for You: Recovering Calvin's View of the Lord's Supper by Keith Mathison

Retief Unbound by Keith Laumer. Some more very funny sci-fi by its most underrated author.

A Theory of Socialism and Capitalism: Economics, Politics and Ethics by Hans-Hermann Hoppe. An excellent long article on the subject. I was prompted to read it again by my recent exchange with Anonymousrex on the Politicks and Government board (thanx Rex).



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Reading through Children of the Promise by Randy Booth and trying to study it hard. Infant baptism looks to have a world of biblical support.

Also, started reading Reymond's Systematic Theology and "A Lifting Up for the Downcast" by William Bridge.
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