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Discussion in 'Sports' started by Montanablue, Jun 10, 2010.

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  1. Poimen

    Poimen Puritan Board Post-Graduate

  2. ColdSilverMoon

    ColdSilverMoon Puritan Board Senior

    Lucky goal, but that was a dead even half, maybe even slightly better for the US. This has been the best played game in the World Cup so far. Should be a great 2nd half...
  3. earl40

    earl40 Puritan Board Professor

    For those old enough to remember......Jesus 1 Budda 0. Go Brazil !!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Ivan

    Ivan Pastor

    Game over. Tie.
  5. ColdSilverMoon

    ColdSilverMoon Puritan Board Senior

    Overall good game. England had a few more chances, but the US had better chances...
  6. jambo

    jambo Puritan Board Senior

    Nothing should be taken from this game as the opening round of matches are usually dull and many of the bigger teams use it almost as a warm up up game. England were the better side and had it not been for a goal keeping blunder then I think England would have gone onto win quite comfortably. I would be most surprised if England drop any more points in the group whereas the US may struggle in their next two games.
  7. LawrenceU

    LawrenceU Puritan Board Doctor

    USA got a good break. Green couldn't handle the spin on the shot. (Keepers see that stuff :) ) He should have not been depending upon his gloves as much.

    Argentina's win was sloppy. 1 of 24 on goal. Not good. Messi doesn't look like himself.
  8. Backwoods Presbyterian

    Backwoods Presbyterian Puritanboard Amanuensis

    I can honestly say that never happened to me.

    (Though I did once whiff on a clearance that subsequently crossed the goal.)
  9. LawrenceU

    LawrenceU Puritan Board Doctor

    It never happened to me either. I did have some clean misses by misjudging the shot. That happens to all keepers eventually; especially on penalty kicks.
  10. jambo

    jambo Puritan Board Senior

    As a former goalie, from my college days, these things do happen. The chances of it happening are directly proportional to the desire of the keeper to impress his girlfriend who is watching in the crowd.
  11. Willem van Oranje

    Willem van Oranje Puritan Board Junior

    Soccer geeks!

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    Just for curiousity, for which team are you rooting?

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    Deutschland!! (Nach den USA, natuerlich.)
  12. Backwoods Presbyterian

    Backwoods Presbyterian Puritanboard Amanuensis

    So I see we have 3 former collegiate GK's on the board. Myself, Lawrence, and Stuart. Best position in Sport in my opinion.
  13. T.A.G.

    T.A.G. Puritan Board Freshman

    I was a RB...not to be confused with Reformed Baptist ;)
  14. LawrenceU

    LawrenceU Puritan Board Doctor

    Amen! Where else can you go from being the hero to the goat and back to the hero in less than a minute. Or, from the goat the hero and back to the goat, for that matter. :rolleyes:

    I love it when people who do not understand soccer make statements about the GK having the easiest position on the field. Yeh, right! Being a Keeper will either make you a man who stands against pressure or it will crush you. I loved it. (I miss it, too.)
  15. Backwoods Presbyterian

    Backwoods Presbyterian Puritanboard Amanuensis

    I remember fondly being the hero of the semi-final and the goat in the final during one tournament. Won our semi-final when I stopped 2 PK's in the final 5 minutes. Lost the Final when I failed to corral an easy cross that fell right to an opposing striker's foot.
  16. T.A.G.

    T.A.G. Puritan Board Freshman

    yall are also the ones who got an excuse to yell at us backs for any and everything ;)
  17. LawrenceU

    LawrenceU Puritan Board Doctor

    Well, if you would just listen to us as the offense develops their play we wouldn't have to yell. ;)
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2010
  18. SolaGratia

    SolaGratia Puritan Board Junior

    I'm going for Spain.
  19. T.A.G.

    T.A.G. Puritan Board Freshman

    if by spain you mean usa, me two!
  20. SolaGratia

    SolaGratia Puritan Board Junior

    Make that EspaƱa!
  21. Tripel

    Tripel Puritan Board Senior

    I'm a little late to this thread....but thought I'd throw in my 2 cents.

    Great game between England and US, and a very good result for the US! I felt a little traitorous watching the game in my Steven Gerrard jersey, but the only soccer jerseys I have are all Liverpool. But I promise I was cheering for the US, and going forward I will have two teams to cheer on. My 5 thoughts on the match:

    1) Tim Howard was not only man of the match, but is easily the best American player. Donavan and Dempsey are quality, but Howard is (in my opinion) a top 10 keeper in the world. England had more opportunities in the game, but couldn't get it done thanks largely to Howard (and some English misfires).

    2) As much as I like Jamie Carragher, he is too slow to be playing on this stage. Jozy Altidore absolutely tooled him to create our best opportunity of the night.

    3) The English really need Garreth Barry back in the lineup to solidify the midfield. That would allow Gerrard to be in more of a free role offensively.

    4) Odd lineup choices for England. I don't know what Capello is thinking. Milner should not be starting, and what a waste to have to use a sub 30 minutes in! Joe Cole should be starting on the left. And Emile Heskey? He needs to be on the bench. Too old. Not a scorer. Gerrard would be a much better choice in that supporting-striker role.

    5) The US is going to need more offensive creativity. Jozy can only create so many opportunities for himself. If I were Bradley I'd make 2 changes to the lineup. First, start Edu or Torres in place of Clark in the center of midfield. Second, move Donovan or Dempsey into the supporting striker role instead of Robbie Findley. Findley shouldn't be starting. We need a more creative player there to work with Jozy. Then place Holden or Beasley on the wing.
  22. Backwoods Presbyterian

    Backwoods Presbyterian Puritanboard Amanuensis

  23. ColdSilverMoon

    ColdSilverMoon Puritan Board Senior

    Good comments, Daniel. The US-England game was by far the best played of the World Cup to date. Germany and Argentina look great, but they were playing against poor competition. I think we could see the US and England both last to the quarterfinals, if not beyond.

    I agree about moving Dempsey up to the supporting forward and putting Holden and Beasley on the outside. I would go with Beasley against Slovenia, since I doubt they have anyone that can match his pure speed. I thought Clark was fine Saturday in the midfield, though he did have a major defensive lapse that lead to their goal.

    The US looked much more poised and matched up well physically with England. I have high hopes for them advancing from the group and hopefully past the Round of 16...
  24. Tripel

    Tripel Puritan Board Senior

    I hope you're right. Though after Slovenia getting 3 points off of Algeria, Friday's game has become a must-win. Slovenia will be no pushover, and I like it much more when the US are the underdogs (which they aren't this time). I'm nervous about this game.
  25. jambo

    jambo Puritan Board Senior

    Normally speaking I would support anyone that England was playing. But on Saturday night it was one of the few times I actually wanted England to win. I remember the last time I wanted England to win was the Euro 96 championships where if England beat Holland by 4 goals, then Scotland would qualify out the group stage. Alas, with England 4-0 up they lost a late goal and the Dutch went through instead of the Scots.

    For this world cup I would like to see Holland win, although I do feel it is beyond them. My tip is either Argentina or Brazilwhilst best of the Europeans will be Germany
  26. Tripel

    Tripel Puritan Board Senior

    Why all the hatin' on the US???
  27. toddpedlar

    toddpedlar Iron Dramatist

    unfortunately for the US, a likely outcome is for them to place second in the group, and have to play Germany in the Round of 16 game...
  28. LawrenceU

    LawrenceU Puritan Board Doctor

    I think that Daniel made some good comments. USA will have to be much better on offense. A team cannon win on one player making openings up front. The midfield will have to more forward much more quickly and do more than just support; especially against Slovenia.

    I'll have to admit that I was not impressed by Argentina against Nigeria. They should have man handled them. They played them, but not at the calibre I would expect. I hope that they have not gotten lazy.
  29. jambo

    jambo Puritan Board Senior

    For most of the bigger teams they tend to start of slow. Last time round the eventual winners, Italy, were on the verge of going out at the group stage whilst in previous tournaments the winners got of to a slow stuttering start. Not a lot should be drawn from the opening round of matches as the bigger teams know if they don't win the first game they will be able to pull it round in the next two. Also the wiser more experienced countries don't want to be losing players through injury or suspensions at such an early stage. Hence, in answer to Tripel's 4th point, Milner was substituted to avoid a possible second yellow and subsequent suspension.
  30. Peairtach

    Peairtach Puritan Board Doctor

    England are becoming more Scotlandesque in their performances. Do they believe they've got anything to play for? Do they really care? Do they have much real talent?

    The players salaries should be withheld at club and national level unless they perform well at the World Cup finals.

    America did very well considering soccer is their/your "sixth sport", apparently.

    I wouldn't mind America winning if it wasn't grist to the mill to those Americans who believe that God needs America. We used to think that in Great Britain before we became a second rate nation, third rate spiritually, and not very convincing on the football field.
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