1. davejonescue

    Puritan & Non-Conformist Sermon Commentary 2023-04-27

    This is a collection of Puritan & Non-Conformists sermons available in EEBO-TCP categorized by scripture; book, chapter, and verse. To access the specific verses, go to the "notes" section for each title, and there is a direct link for the sermon. All are welcome to use in any way, and share...
  2. Blood-Bought Pilgrim

    What is your Sermon Prep Process?

    Hi All, There were a couple of older threads, but it seemed like there was space for a new one on this topic. As an intern, I get to preach with a little regularity, so I'm starting to develop something of a regular process for preparing. I've been thinking about this more intentionally lately...
  3. Travis Fentiman

    Commentaries on the Heidelberg Catechism, a Collection Online

    As the Heidelberg Catechism (1563) is the most experiential, savory and devotional of the Reformation doctrinal standards, so are the commentaries and sermons on it. We have collected over 40 of these works (about 30 of them are fully online), including study guides and devotionals, new and old...
  4. C. Matthew McMahon

    NEW BOOK: The Great Mystery of God’s Providence by George Gifford (1547-1620)

    The Great Mystery of God’s Providence, and Other Works by George Gifford (1547-1620) George Gifford (1547-1620) was known as a fiery preacher of the Gospel, a thorough exegete of God’s word, one who filled his sermons and works with practical exactness, while being eminently simple to...
  5. SolusChristus1646

    Imperatives and Indicatives in Preaching

    I've been noticing lately that in Presbyterian circles, even online, it's very difficult to find a Presbyterian preacher who has a good balance of preaching indicatives and imperatives. The preaching is usually indicative heavy, and is usually careful to point the listener to Christ, but lacks...
  6. J.L. Allen

    Sermons on Genesis

    People of this here lovely forum, Can y’all please send me sermons on Genesis? It needs to be in an audio format. It can be yourself, friends, family, favorites, or anyone else. I’m looking to listen to at least 10 sermons for a class assignment.
  7. Logan

    Kindle - Sermons on Psalm 46 and 48 by John Calvin

    I posted about this recently but what is exciting about this is that these three sermons have not been republished in any form since 1562. Here they have been updated in spelling and punctuation only and remain remarkably clear and readable. What makes these particular sermons even more special...
  8. Logan

    Kindle - Sermons on Titus by Calvin

    Starting with the Banner of Truth facsimile of the 16th century edition of seventeen sermons, this edition was completely typed up, spelling standardized, and proofed, by my wife and myself in 2014. It was the first truly new version of these sermons since 1574. It has largely been superseded by...
  9. Logan

    Republished Calvin's Sermons on Psalm 46

    Technically it is two sermons on Psalm 46 and one on Psalm 48, but the history of these sermons is truly remarkable: In 1560 the city of Geneva was alarmed that the city would soon be under attack by her enemies, soldiers were being amassed and the people were in turmoil. Calvin broke from his...
  10. Logan

    Comprehensive List of Calvin's Sermons in English

    A while back I was trying to track down more of Calvin's sermons and found they were spread across multiple publishers (with Banner of Truth being the forerunner) and there just didn't seem to be a lot of information out there. So I put together a list. I've indexed it by scripture passages as...
  11. Logan

    Help finding Calvin's Sermons in English

    I have collected a considerable list of Calvin's sermons that have been published (and republished) in English, but wanted to ask if there might be any others that I am unaware of. If anyone has any additional information it would be greatly appreciated. My current list is as follows: 1. (1561)...
  12. brendanchatt

    Today sermons

    Hi, My pastor just started Amos. He gave the sense of how the beginning might read to the original audience, going from excitement to sobriety because the Lord's judgment included the Jews, because of their own injustice. He pointed us to Christ for salvation, having offered remarks on the...
  13. brendanchatt

    Sermons 08/07/2016

    Please share about the sermon(s) you heard at church this week... I was visiting family and heard a sermon on the Sabbath based on Genesis 1 and also a passage from Luke 12. The focus was why it should be observed and how to think of it. The completion of creation and redemption were...
  14. brendanchatt

    Sermons on Luke 14

    Today my pastor preached on Luke 14 morning and evening. He is going through Luke. The morning was about inviting the needy to feast so that your reward is in heaven because they can't reciprocate. He was saying that we are the needy invited to Christ's banquet and are compelled to ask "why...
  15. brendanchatt

    Sermons 07/17/2016

    Hi all, Go ahead and post about this week's sermon(s). I'll try to post about my church's soon. Also, give feedback about this recurring thread. I'm glad to have found and brought attention to this sub-forum, "Meditating on the Preached Word." If you'd like to continue having a weekly...
  16. brendanchatt

    Sermons 07/10/2016

    Hi all, Please post about this week's sermon(s) if you'd like.
  17. brendanchatt

    Sermons 07/03/2016

    Hi there, If you'd like to post about today's sermon(s), please do. I'll try to post about my church's later this evening.
  18. brendanchatt

    Sermons 06/26/2016

    Hello, This morning my pastor preached on Luke 12:35ff, which he taught was about readiness, or watchfulness. Please post about the sermon(s) you heard at church this week!
  19. brendanchatt

    Sermons 06/19/2016

    Hi, Posts about today's sermon(s) of you'd like.
  20. brendanchatt

    Sermons 06/12/2016

    Hi, If you'd like please share about this weeks sermon(s).
  21. brendanchatt

    Sermons 06/05/2016

    Hey, Please post about the sermon(s) you heard this week at church. I'd especially like to hear from laypeople like myself, in addition to ministers. I may make a post soon.
  22. brendanchatt

    Sermons 05/29/2016

    Hi all, This is a thread for posting about the sermon(s) you heard this week at church. I'll start by saying this evening the pastor preached from Luke 11:14ff, where Christ cast out a dumb man's demon. He well explained the "heart responses" of those present, and well explained Christ's...
  23. brendanchatt

    Sermons 05/22/2016

    Hello, If you would like, go ahead and post about this weeks sermon(s), and feel free to have discussions.
  24. brendanchatt

    Sermons 05/15/2016

    Hello, Go ahead and post/dialogue about this week's sermon(s).
  25. brendanchatt

    Sermons 05/08/2016

    Hi, Tell about the sermon(s) from this week...
  26. brendanchatt

    Sermons 05/01/2016

    Hi there, Go ahead and post about this week's sermon(s).
  27. brendanchatt

    Sermons 04/24/2016

    Post here about this week's sermon(s).
  28. brendanchatt

    Sermons 04/17/2016

    Tell about the sermon or sermons... There is no need to wait until after an evening sermon.
  29. brendanchatt

    Sermons 04/10/2016

    Hi, Go ahead and post about the sermon(s) you heard today at church. I've decided to post this in the theological forum to suggest general theological discussion spawning from the sermons. - Brendan
  30. brendanchatt

    Your Church's Sermon - 04/03/2016

    Hey, would anyone like to share what the sermon was about at their church? Feel free to interact with one another's initial posts and encourage each other, etc...